What materials can be used?

Wraps are generally vinyl or magnetic decals applied directly to the surface of the object being covered.  However, other materials, such as canvas, can also be used to create wraps.  When considering the printing world, canvas is known as a particularly useful material for creating stretched-gallery wraps.  Canvas takes ink while using the process of dye sublimation to press inks into the material, which makes graphics sharp and vivid.  Canvas works for both indoor and outdoor settings giving many potential options for advertising.

Where can wraps be placed?

When you start to think out of the box, you may begin to realize that you can advertise wherever you are and wherever you go.  The potential for non-vehicle wraps from SpeedPro is nearly limitless.  Wraps are large customizable displays that enliven public areas with images and text that convey your message to potential customers at a very low ROI.  Specialty wraps can make important locations, such as a port-a-potty or first aid station, at fairs, outdoor festivals, music events or community markets easy to find and visually appealing to attendees.

Banks can use ATM wraps to clearly highlight their interior locations for customers or help visually brand ATM locations on public streets.  Kiosk wraps can be used for vendor locations at malls or trade shows to effectively stake out territory for your business.  Vinyl pad wraps for stadium barriers or on goal posts transform sports sponsorships into an integral part of the game.  Bench wraps are a classic way to turn a common object from a simple utility into a banner ad for your business.  SpeedPro of Eden Prairie can also apply floor and wall wraps, making use of traditionally “dead” space.

Shipping cases can be converted to counter space for trade shows.  Optional roll wraps and stretch wraps are available for cases designed to be converted into counters to be used in event exhibits.  Simply wrap the graphic around the case to convert into a counter.  The case then serves as a sturdy and visually appealing counter within the exhibit.

Door wraps are commonly used by savvy businesses to improve the façade of a building while also delivering targeted messages to consumers, clients and employees. Door wraps turn a simple entryway into a canvas for dynamic visuals that are sure to make your building a more exciting place to visit and work. 

Following along that theme, elevator door decals are a popular type of door wrap. Custom elevator door wraps give businesses the chance to spice up typically neglected areas of their work space.  Elevators hold a captive audience while people travel to their destination.  For a bigger impact, you can choose to wrap both the internal and external doors of the elevator!  

Window wraps or storefront vinyl decals take full advantage of available space to promote your brand and can have an added bonus of shading out the sun!  The installation of transparent, opaque or perforated window wraps to cover the entirety of the window area creates a full display that you can still see through.  Large custom vinyl decals allow you to display attention-grabbing graphics on the outside of your store, which helps with branding and attracting new customers.

A monster truck vehicle wrap for The Main Man company
elevator wrap branded with lays wavy roasted garlic & sea salt chips

What Are the Benefits of Wraps?

  1. Bringing recognition to your brand
  2. Adding visual appeal to your location
  3. Attracting attention to your location
  4. Cost effectiveness
  5. Flexibility/mobility
  6. Expand brand visuals across a wide area
  7. Create a memorable space and boost brand identity
  8. Utilizing space 
  9. Showcasing your brand
  10. Generating and driving revenue

Why Should I Invest in a Wrap?

If you run a business and want to achieve the best possible cost per impression, you should consider investing in wraps.

Over the past decade, research shows that companies have spent 35 percent more on outdoor ads, and when you weigh all of the advantages, it’s no surprise why.  We have all the marketing expertise – as well as design and production tools – to bring your outdoor advertising campaign vision to life with large-scale graphic wraps.  SpeedPro of Eden Prairie is committed to helping you every step of the way to ensure that you reach your key consumers with an effective high-ROI marketing strategy customized for your business.

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Never Underestimate the Impact of Visual Marketing

Spend any time in the car with the radio on and you’ll hear plenty of commercials. Do you actually pay attention to them? Most people don’t. It’s the visual marketing that makes the biggest splash.


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