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Thinking of adding some new color to your office walls? Want a new conversation-starter for guests in your lobby? Are you looking for a way to encourage discussions and motivate decisions in your business’s conference room? If any of this sounds like you, a branded, large-format wall mural could be the exact design feature for you.

SpeedPro Elmsford specializes in stunning wide-format graphics. Our devoted team of designers and marketers will be able to pinpoint features of your brand that you should establish and celebrate around your office — and then we’ll bring those ideas to life through bold graphics and vivid, durable inks.

If your company is ready to up your advertising and branding game within your office, contact us immediately. We’re open to serving businesses within Westchester, Connecticut and the entire Rockland County area.

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How Do Printed Wall Murals Affect Your Office Space?

Printed wall murals can be so stunning that they actually encourage visitors to come back just for another look.

Not only do these murals add a massive burst of color and allow the eye to focus in on a particular display, but they also shape the environment and overall experience of a visitor or onlooker. By branding your mural to display elements of your brand and represent your business in a particular way, you’re encouraging a dialogue to begin between customers as well as with your employees. Our fade-resistant inks even ensure that no amount of UV or artificial lighting will significantly damage your mural, encouraging inspiration 24/7.

When you schedule a consultation with SpeedPro Elmsford, we’ll discuss two important factors in the creation of your vinyl wall mural. We’ll need to identify where in your office space you intend to adhere and display your new mural. In addition, we’ll ask who the intended audience is, as different groups of people may need exposure to different points of interest.

Where to Place Custom Wall Murals?

One of the most common places for the addition of a large-format wall mural is in the front lobby or entrance area. Why? Because this space hosts the first interaction many guests will have with your company. If they’re greeted in such a bold manner, not only will the tone of their visit be set from the beginning, but they’ll also immediately grasp onto the message you’re presenting. Plus, if you have a large waiting area, adding bold colors and large features is an easy way to brighten and fill up space.

What about an office where you’re mainly working internally with your team? You’ll probably find periods of time that are stressful, and your workers need motivation and inspiration. Adding a vinyl wall mural for your team to interact with can contribute to more productive meetings, energized efforts and discussions that reflect your company’s values and goals.

Find Large-Format Wall Murals in Elmsford

Transform your office or workspace by dressing up your walls with vinyl wall murals. Contact our team today, and we’ll begin the consultation process by setting up an appointment.

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