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Your bank signage needs to look professional, sharp and consistent with your brand, whether in the lobby, at a promotional event off-site or overhead on a vinyl banner. Banks, S&Ls and credit unions should invest in custom signs that clearly communicate their values and trustworthiness. Many financial institutions partner with SpeedPro to handle their display graphics and create custom signage.

Keep Your Bank’s Image on the Money Everywhere You Are

There are two main signage categories used by banks — internal office signs and external promotional signs. Interior signs direct customers to ATMs, financial advisor offices, teller windows or other important locations. External signs serve advertising and marketing functions at receptions or promotional events. Point of purchase displays can function internally or externally to promote new credit or savings options. Whether indoor or outdoor, for one time or seasonal use, custom bank signs should be a reflection of the institution’s reputation and personality.

At SpeedPro, you’ll find options for printed and digital custom business signage. We stock indoor and outdoor retractable banners perfect for announcing new financial product offerings. A wall mural in the lobby can set a spectacular stage for the season or reinforce your existing brand, especially when coordinated with vehicle wraps, ATM wraps or feather flags outside. Whether for a special or a sponsored event, SpeedPro does custom bank signs right.

Indoor Office Signage for Banks

Indoor office signage for banks [list]

Indoor office signage is helpful for many different purposes. It’s an excellent way to reinforce your branding, provide marketing for new banking options, highlight seasonal promotions and improve your customers’ experience overall. While many people think of outdoor signage when they consider marketing, well-planned indoor signage can help your business increase sales and create lifelong members.

Indoor signage is great for marketing purposes, but it’s essential for navigation. Wayfinding signs can help customers find their way around your offices without having to wander around. It’ll improve current customers’ overall experience and make new visitors feel more welcome.

Some of the best types of indoor financial institution signage are:

  • Floor graphics: Vinyl floor decals are eye-catching and original. Many businesses don’t consider their floor space when they’re considering signage, but it’s an excellent untapped source of potential. With vinyl floor graphics, you can design creative directional signs, brand your waiting area or provide exciting decorations.
  • Wall murals: While many businesses will think of signage as purely promotional, you should also consider ways to make your office space more welcoming and memorable. With wall murals, you can create an entirely new design for your office. Large imagery and bold colors will make your branding more notable and make customers’ experiences seem more pleasant.
  • Branding: Interior branding signs are an excellent way to make your office look more professional, and your name more memorable for customers. From window decals of your bank’s name and logo to custom banners promoting your values, finding ways to use open spaces can be beneficial for your business.
  • Directional: No one likes trying to navigate a building they are unfamiliar with, especially when the hallways and office doors aren’t clearly labeled. Your customers and employees deserve straightforward directional signs. You can attach hanging signs to the ceilings, plaques to the walls and decals to the floor. The easier it is to navigate your office, the happier your guests will be.
  • Custom cut signage: If you want to give your office a distinctive look, custom cut signage can help your company’s name or logo visually stand out. You can choose from materials like aluminum, plastic, acrylic, coroplast, vinyl and more.

Outdoor Promotional Signage for Banks

Outdoor credit union signage is essential for promoting your business. With the right designs, you can focus on branding your building, making your business stand out from competitors, drawing in new customers and improving your professional image.

There are multiple styles of outdoor signage for every purpose. To determine what the best options are for your business, consider the goals you want to achieve. For better branding, you might want to focus on the front of your building. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, it may be more beneficial to invest in promotional signage that passersby can see from their cars or on foot. You can also focus on designing signs for events, such as trade shows or other marketing functions.

For banking signage, some of the best outdoor options include:

  • Vinyl wraps: Take your marketing and make it mobile with vehicle wraps. If you have company cars, vans or trucks, vehicle wraps are an excellent option. They’ll expose your branding to thousands of people daily and expand your visibility. You can also use vinyl wraps to brand your ATMs, making them more visible to customers while advertising your business to non-members.
  • Flags: If your business has some surrounding grass areas, you can easily mount custom outdoor flags. They’ll help improve your building’s visibility at a distance and catch the eyes of people driving past. They come in a variety of shapes, including straight, feather, teardrop, edge and other custom designs upon request.
  • A-frames: If your financial institution is located on a busy city street, you may only have a little bit of sidewalk space out front. However, you can still take advantage of that space with freestanding a-frame signs. They’re excellent for welcoming visitors into your business, creating more brand visibility for passersby and announcing seasonal promotions.
  • Backlit lettering: Your company’s name is an essential part of your branding. When it comes to your building, you should display your company’s name in large, visible lettering. For the best visibility at any time of day or night, backlit signage is the perfect option. It comes in several different styles, including lightbox, stencil cut, face illuminated, halo and neon. Most types are durable, low maintenance and cost-effective, and they all make your building stand out.
  • Banners: For an option that’s multi-purpose, multi-use and cost-conscious, look to outdoor banners. They’re customizable, easy to install and replaceable, making them perfect as both temporary and permanent solutions. Banners come in three main configurations — retractable, grommet-hanging and pole-mounted. With high-quality vinyl and protective laminate, they’re made to endure all kinds of weather conditions and stay beautiful with use.

Bank on SpeedPro for Great Display Graphics

Bank on SpeedPro for great display graphics. Find a studio.

Our mission is to bring our clients’ ideas to life. We understand the worth of your image. We’ll work with you to adapt your graphics to the format you want, and we’ll suggest the best media for printing and displaying them. You can rely on SpeedPro’s service experts to manage your project and deliver great display graphics, on time and on point.

View our online portfolio for visual samples of our client work, or learn more about us. When you’re ready for a quote on custom bank signage and more, find your local studio and contact us.