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Tractor trailers rule the road. The sheer size and weight of your trucks make them near-impossible to ignore, bringing your company’s name to the open road.

Yet what about a freight truck’s design? How can you ensure the visual impact of your fleet stands on par with its scale — and advertises your freight company just as loud and proud?

That’s where SpeedPro fleet truck wraps come in.

What Are Fleet Graphics?

Fleet graphics are large-format vinyl wraps and decals printed for vehicle exteriors. Fleet wraps are customized to the exact make and model of its vehicle base, from service cars to delivery vans to full-sized, high-impact tractor trailers. 

Custom fleet graphics take your brand on the road. When printed at a high-quality large-format printing studio, fleet wraps bring a level of professionalism, personality and memorability to your company’s vehicles. Plus, graphics are cohesive across your entire fleet, including different vehicle makes and models.

In short, custom fleet wrap graphics are an indispensable part of branding your freight company and advertising your name and services where it matters most — right there on the road.

Benefits of Custom Fleet Wrapped Vehicles

Custom Wrapped Fleet Vehicles

Consider the range of benefits brought by decking out your company’s fleet in custom wraps and decals.

1. Mobile Marketing

No, not the cell phone kind — the on-the-go kind.

Wherever your vehicles drive, your company name gets placed in full-sight of potential leads. Fleet wraps are a great way to relay critical business information in a matter of seconds, including your name, your slogan, your phone number, website and even a catchy message or opt-in offer advertisement.

That “on-the-go” marketing is pivotal for effective lead nurturing and brand identification — all music to a business owner’s ears.

2. Low Cost-Per-Impression

Capture attention and nurture leads effortlessly, just by driving around the trucks and cars you already drive for a living.

In fact, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) identifies fleet wraps as generating the lowest-cost-per impression of any type of advertising. That translates into serious cost savings while putting your name in front of as many viewers as possible — sometimes as low as $0.04 per thousand views when driving long distances on major highways.

Additional research even shows fleet wraps can earn an astonishing 30,000-70,000 impressions per day. Those on the higher end of impressions are cars and trucks driving longer routes in urban or high population density areas.

3. Stronger Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation speaks for you when you’re not around. As the collective associations people hold toward your company, brand reputation is essential to master to target ideal prospects, land sales and retain customers — all while staying true to your company’s core principles.

With professionally designed and printed fleet wrap graphics, you exude a heightened sense of professionalism. For example, consider the impact of a fully branded, colorful delivery truck pulling up to a new client’s business or a distribution center versus a plain, white, blank trailer. Odds are your customers — and you — would be far more impressed with the former.

4. Cohesion

You don’t just manage one or two delivery trucks. You’re a freight company. Your livelihood rests on your squadron of vans and trucks across various sizes and capacities serving a swath of client transportation needs.

As a freight company, portraying your professionalism and expertise is inherently tied to the look of your vehicles. Fleet wraps are cohesive graphics signaling the quality of your operations, with each vehicle — large or small, cross-country or last-mile couriering — matching the next. A consistent set of trucks also strengthens your brand awareness, with the public increasingly able to recognize some of your most essential identifiers like brand color schemes, slogans and company value statements.

5. Aesthetic Boost

Truck trailer walls are a blank canvas perfect for custom graphics. Break away from conventional white or neutral-colored body and trailer paneling using multi-colored graphics. Wrap backdrops can feature your company’s brand colors, display large-format icons and freight imagery and even showcase brand personality with funny text or brand slogans.

Fleet wraps offer another significant aesthetic benefit, too — improving the appearance of older vehicles. Vans or trucks get a facelift via full or partial fleet truck wraps. These commercial vehicles can stay on the road, further serving your bottom lines without requiring more expensive cosmetic work.

6. Ultra-Customizable

Fleet wraps are innately customizable. Every detail of your wrap is designed to imbue the characteristics and brand personality you want your company to be associated with, wielding advertising and branding visuals to your advantage.

When you partner with large-format studios like SpeedPro, you get assistance in creating the ultimate fleet wrap graphics conveying your core brand, including:

  • Large-format, high-resolution icons and images
  • G7 Master Qualified color accuracy
  • Assistance with file set-up and uploads
  • Top-quality adhesive vinyl bases
  • Durable laminates and finishes
  • Print turnaround timetables that fit your needs
  • Professional fleet-wrapping services, installing your graphics onto each and every vehicle in your lineup quickly yet precisely

7. Cost-Effective

When it comes to altering your freight vehicles, fleet wraps and decals are far more cost-conscious than paint or airbrushed-based cosmetic alterations.

What’s more, the vinyl-based wrap panels can be updated far easier than body paint changes. Developments in your company’s name, logo, business contact information and more can easily be swapped using customized graphic overlays. These sticker-like graphic pieces are designed for application atop existing body panels for a seamless, integrated final look. No one will even notice there’s a new graphic layered atop the old.

Best Graphics for Fleet Branding

There isn’t a one-and-done type of vehicle wrap perfect for all freight businesses and specialties. There are, however, leading commercial fleet graphics with a particular knack for successfully branding your trucks to capture attention and solidify professionalism.

Best Graphics for Fleet Branding

1. Company Logo

Company logos serve as a central symbol for businesses. They’re like a commercial fingerprint, offering a core icon people will link, often automatically, to your brand.

Logos can be serious or quirky, realistic or abstract, bold, minimalist, whimsical, even provocative. Whatever the theme, logos help peel back who your company is and what it’s all about.

Company logos are one of the most common graphics included in fleet wraps, adding a stamp of cohesion across your freight lineup.

2. Customized Pictures

Many freight companies add photo-realistic pictures and images onto body wrap panels. Enlarged photographs and similar graphics are attention-grabbing and visually arresting, drawing eyes right where you want them.

Customized large-format pictures can showcase your products or services in action. These stylized photos are also great to advertise regions your freight company serves, highlighting iconic imagery of the local area.

3. Brand Slogans

Company slogans are another fleet graphic that works well across transportation and delivery fleets. From the rear windows of branded company cars to the sprawling side panels of semis to the bodies of boxed trucks, text-based decals relay key company information as well as shout your company’s signature saying.

Likewise, fleet truck wraps can highlight important brand values or messages. These text-based graphics are especially popular located on the rear of truck trailers, facing the traffic directly behind your vehicle. With this positioning, cars behind you in traffic can quickly and easily read what makes your brand tick.

4. Company Color Schemes

Brand colors are the most memorable part of your branding strategy. Over three-fourths (78%) of people can recall a company’s primary brand color — even when that company is made up, the consumer having never heard of it before.

Use the innate memorability of color to your advantage by decking out your wraps and decals with on-brand color schemes fitting your current aesthetics. Your brand awareness and recall rates will thank you.

5. And More

Whatever your vision for high-quality, high-impact fleet branding, reach out to your local SpeedPro studio to bring it to life.

Vehicle Fleet Graphic Sizing

SpeedPro studios are equipped to print a wide variety of fleet graphics customized for your company. Contact your local SpeedPro studio for exact fleet wrap capabilities, and to get a quote on the precise graphics you want to bring to life across fleet branding.

Vehicle Fleet Graphic Sizing

1. Tractor Trailers

Freight company tractor trailers provide the biggest, boldest canvas to display what your company is all about. SpeedPro’s commercial fleet graphics can create a multi-panel series for tractor trailers in today’s most common vehicle sizes, including:

  • Standard 28 ft, 45 ft., 48 ft. and 53 ft.-long trailers
  • Standard 13 ft., 6 inches height; modifications available
  • Rear doors/rear truck panels
  • Wedge and cube trailer shapes

2. RVs and Campers

Branded RVs and campers are unique fleet vehicles for unique business purposes. These trucks also come with particular graphics sizing needs, ones a standard printing studio won’t have the equipment or the installation expertise to craft.

Our studios wrap commercial campers and similar vehicles for a wide range of needs, such as:

  • Mobile healthcare clinics
  • Bands and touring groups
  • Mobile pet grooming trucks
  • Mobile salons
  • Mobile entrepreneurs, living and working on the road
  • And more

3. Box Trucks

Box trucks are a fleet staple for many transportation and freight companies. From light, medium and heavy-duty units to specialty refrigerated trucks for last-mile logistics, brand your box truck right with customized fleet graphics creating cohesion between this pivotal line of service vehicles.

  • Food trucks
  • Catering vans
  • Wedding and event planning
  • Furniture and appliance delivery
  • Trash/recycling hauling

4. Delivery Vans

Freight companies with smaller vehicles geared toward last-mile deliveries (or other purposes) also benefit from customized vehicle graphics. Wraps harmonize any smaller working vans with larger freight trucks and tractor-trailer beds, putting your highest-quality, most professional foot forward regardless of the vehicle in use.

Passenger and cargo fleet graphics will vary depending on the make, model and size of your vans. Again, contact your local SpeedPro studio for the most accurate project specs and quotes.

5. Hatchbacks, Sedans and SUVs

Ensure even the smallest possible vehicles in your company’s fleet can carry the same company graphics as the biggest and baddest. Company cars, in particular, benefit from professional fleet branding. Full and partial vehicle wraps are available, as well as spot graphics using customized decals for car bodies and window graphics.

Custom Fleet Vehicle Best Practices

Drive home the power of custom wraps for your freight company with these design and application best practices.

1. Go Big…

Oversized graphics and images are easy to spot, whether cruising down the highway or stopped at a red light. High visibility is essential to maximizing brand advertising and getting the most out of your marketing methods. Every additional viewer captured lowers those already economical cost-per-impressions inherent to fleet wraps, maximizing your return on the fleet wrap investment.

2. …And Bold

Keep text, images and icons the focal points of your wraps. Design these graphics in ways that’ll instantly capture the attention of potential customers on the road — as well as make your graphics meaningful and memorable. Custom prints for freight trucks do so by featuring:

  • Bold, on-brand color schemes
  • High contrast color choices
  • Lined or shadowed text
  • Properly sized logos and graphics
  • Compelling backdrops that don’t fight text
  • High-resolution, large-format photography
  • And more

3. Properly Time Your Wrapping

Timing the application of fleet wraps ensures the longest possible lifespan for your graphics and helps with adherence to warranty best practices. Keep in mind these timelines when wrapping your fleet:

  • Wait a minimum of two weeks before wrapping freshly painted or airbrushed trucks and delivery vans.
  • Graphics applied to trucks, vans or company cars with existing bodywork damage — even slight scratches — may peel quicker due to poor adhesion with the underlying surface.
  • Fleet vehicles with previous airbrushing or paintwork may peel if wraps and decals are removed outside of warranty recommended timelines.

4. Consider Seasonal Updates

Partial and spot graphics can be easily layered atop full vehicle wraps to add new, on-brand advertisements to your lineup. This keeps your entire fleet eye-catching and up to date, promoting your latest deals or branded messages. Plus, spot graphics are far more cost-effective than other modes of transit advertising and can reach large swaths of viewers right there, on the open road.

5. Measure Results

Consider ways to measure your fleet wraps’ return on investment. Measuring your wraps turns them into a KPI with objective muscle, proving how these graphics bring both form and function to your freight company in a way few marketing strategies can.

There are several methods to measure the impact of your new freight fleet graphics:

  • Unique wrap promotion: Vehicle graphics can incorporate an exclusive deal or promotion into its design. For example, you can include a promo code on rear door graphics containing a discount when used at checkout. You can then keep track of discount usage and timelines, lending numbers-backed proof to the power of the fleet wrap.
  • Unique URL and landing page: Create an alternative landing page that pops up on viewers’ screens only after typing in the unique URL listed on your truck trailers. Similar to the wrap-specific promotion, you can then track your website analytics to determine the effectiveness of your vehicle graphics.
  • Unique phone number: For service-based companies or B2B firms, adding a unique phone number onto your vehicle wraps is a powerful way to track ROI. Add a second phone line to your current office communication suite, then track the number of leads generated from that number.

Rule the Road With Custom Freight Fleet Graphics

Reap the rewards of transit advertising once and for all with industry-leading freight graphics delivered by SpeedPro.

From cars and trucks to vans and semis, let SpeedPro show you how to take your display graphics to a whole new level. Find your local SpeedPro studio to ask about fleet wrap graphics sizes and capabilities to get going today.

Contact SpeedPro for custom freight fleet graphics.