Freight Companies


Vehicle wraps by SpeedPro can set your freight company apart from the competition by promoting your image, brand, and message everywhere your fleet goes.


The SpeedPro team understands that fleet managers need fast results from the display graphics chosen to promote their brand. With this in mind, our team will approach your projects and goals with a sense of urgency that propels the process forward. Our high color standard ensures that every new product you order seamlessly matches the color pallet of your existing brand. We keep your image consistent whether you’re driving across the state, the nation, or the continent.


Our complete vehicle wraps will cover your fleet from front to back and top to bottom, catching the attention of potential customers wherever you drive. Partial vehicle wraps and spot graphics (smaller messages or images placed on a bumper, car door, or tailgate) are ideal for vehicles that cannot be fully covered or companies whose existing branding is more subtle. Regardless of which vehicle graphic you choose, rest assured that it will be made to our high quality standards and customized to meet your company’s goals.

From cars and trucks to vans and semis, let SpeedPro show you how to take your display graphics to a whole new level. Contact us today for more information.

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