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Gym and Fitness Signage

Gym and Fitness Signage

Gym and fitness companies, such as yoga studios, spin classes, boxing gyms, Pilates studios, dance studios and CrossFit gyms, seek quality and clarity in their advertising. When it comes to signage in and around their businesses, they know there are plenty of opportunities to inform their clients about available services and programs.

Window graphics, for example, provide the opportunity to catch the eyes of passersby and convert them into new clients. SpeedPro has established a reputation for quality display graphics of any scale with the help of our creative team of professionals and state-of-the-art printers.

One report found that gym membership in the United States has reached an all-time high. About 20 percent of American adults have a fitness membership, and the health and fitness industry brings in about $30 billion a year, growing by about three to four percent annually. To attract a larger share of this booming market, consider investing in inviting quality signage to promote your fitness center and its many benefits.

Types of Signage for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Here a few different types of signage you can use to enhance your fitness center:

ADA Signage

It’s important to make your gym or fitness center a welcoming place for individuals with disabilities. ADA signage that complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act helps by making identification and wayfinding easier.

ADA standards require that public buildings make certain information available to individuals with visual impairments. These include raised signage for elevator buttons and signs indicating the locations of elevators and restrooms, among others. SpeedPro’s ADA signage is guaranteed to be ADA-compliant.

Architectural and Glass Finishes

Many gym patrons love modern, stylish gyms with lots of elegant glass panes for visual flair and natural light. But glass also erodes gym members’ privacy. If any passerby on the street can look through the window and see clients huffing and sweating, clients may be much less enthusiastic about working out, especially if they are new to fitness routines.

Architectural and glass finishes can help. Glass finishes, especially for privacy glass, offer the lighting benefits of large glass panes while providing attractive screens to shield gym-goers from prying eyes. Light can still come in from above, but patrons at street level remain hidden from view.

Architectural and glass finishes have other benefits as well. They provide attractive artwork for gym members to look at and for potential clients to appreciate from the street. They make your building bright and beautiful to invite new clients in.


Custom banners help make a gym or other fitness center look bright and cheerful as well. Many patrons, especially new clients, may find the idea of walking into the gym intimidating. But colorful, cheery banners that welcome them into the lobby help dispel this feeling. Bright colors and a welcoming design or message can make both new and old clients feel encouraged.


As with banners, custom decals create an inviting atmosphere for fitness clients. Your fitness center can use door or window decals to spell out inviting messages or personalize the fitness center with cute graphics. Even clients who are tired or uncertain are sure to find smiles on their faces when they walk through a front door covered in bright, uplifting decals.

Directional Signage

For many newcomers, as well as for occasional patrons, walking into the gym can be confusing, even overwhelming. Clients may merely want to work out for half an hour on the elliptical, but a bewildering array of weight machines confronts them. Or they may want to get changed but have no idea where the changing rooms are. Directional signage makes patrons more comfortable and confident in a complex gym facility by clearly indicating where they should go.

Floor Graphics

Improve your gym’s wayfinding signage with colorful, engaging floor graphics. Though directional wall signage is helpful and to the point, you can add some personality to your fitness center by using vibrant floor graphics. Is your athletic facility part of a university whose mascot is a bobcat? Direct patrons to the restrooms by creating a line of cute cat footprints. Or tell clients where the swimming pool is by creating a path of bright blue waves. Whatever imagery you choose, your clients are sure to appreciate the helpful directions and charming designs.

Trade Show Displays

Creating a trade show booth for your fitness center is a great way to promote your exercise brand and entice potential clients who might not otherwise have found you. Custom signage can help here, as well. Use event tents, bright flags and table coverings to make your booth stand out and capture attention, even in a crowded hall. You can even create custom stickers to use as giveaway items — add your contact information to the stickers so guests can find you easily in town or look you up online.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great way to enhance the visual appeal inside your gym. Invent a seasonal display, showcase a relaxing natural scene or create a fun, eye-pleasing mural for your clients. Giving your patrons something fun to look at while the exercise makes their workout time pass more quickly and helps them form positive associations with their exercise routines.

Using wall murals to create a vibrant, positive environment also increases the likelihood that patrons will enjoy their gym experiences and want to come back — or even sign up for more options.

Window Graphics

Window graphics help you enhance the visual appeal of your facility both inside and out. Inside, use window graphics to brighten up window space and engage your patrons’ imaginations as they work out. Outside, use window graphics for advertising short-time discounts, promoting fitness activities like yoga or rock climbing or reminding passersby of your presence with a cheerful slogan or gym-themed joke.

Benefits of Signage for Gym and Fitness Centers

Attractive custom signage is beneficial for fitness facilities in many ways, including:

  • Interest generation: Custom signage helps your gym or boutique fitness center stand out and attract the attention of potential new clients. If all people see of your facility is a bare exterior or people grunting and sweating in the windows, they may not immediately grasp the appeal of fitness and exercise. But a bright, charming exterior full of attractive fitness graphics makes the gym look fun and appealing and attracts interest.
  • Information: Providing correct, helpful, quality information to gym-goers is crucial, so they know what to do, where to go and how your facility can enhance their daily lives. Use creative fitness signage to display your hours, rates, seasonal specials, class types, schedules, workout benefits and more. You can also use signage as a clear, eye-catching way to direct patrons throughout the building — to the cardio room or a kickboxing class or toward the restrooms and changing areas.
  • Safety and hygiene reminders: It’s also essential to remind your patrons about basic safety and hygiene practices in the gym. You could always use a hand-lettered or printed paper sign, but bright professional signage stands out and helps you communicate critical information more effectively. Whether you want to encourage your clients to lift with a partner, keep personal items away from the treadmills, spray down the equipment after use or use towels to keep the equipment clean, custom signage is your ally. It makes your point in a bold, professional way that patrons will notice and heed.
  • Promotion of specials: If you have a New Years’ special to encourage fitness resolutions or are offering special class packages, so new patrons can try different options, be sure to get the word out with attractive, attention-grabbing signage. Using promotional signage outdoors is an excellent way to draw in new clients, but you can also use signs indoors to encourage existing clients to upgrade their membership for even more fitness rewards.

Fitness signs are great to motivate patrons with encouraging, positive messages.

  • Motivational appeal: Gym signs are critical for providing helpful information and promoting your business to an expanded clientele. But it’s also essential to enhance the experience of the clients you already have. Fitness signs are also a great way to motivate your patrons with positive, encouraging messages or depictions of strong, confident people exercising to feel their best. Using motivational signs or banners to focus on the benefits and rewards is a wonderful way to keep your clients upbeat and going strong in the gym. And if you can make them feel good about their workouts, they’re also much more likely to come back for more.

Promote and Advertise Your Gym With SpeedPro

Our process is designed to respond to the individual needs of our clients. For gym and fitness companies, graphic displays must be very informational, detailing class schedules, tips and safety measures and motivational or promotional taglines for clients.

On top of this, they must also send a visual message of power and hard work. SpeedPro’s custom gym signs are made with these factors in mind, combining attention-grabbing visual design with easily understood information. These qualities can be used to create window graphics, wall murals, sandwich boards and flags, among many other options for both indoor and outdoor custom signage.

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