Custom Museum Signage

Custom Museum Signage

No museum is complete without signage. From informative cards in front of a piece of art to straightforward arrows telling guests where the bathrooms are, signs are vital to any museum. Custom museum signage is what conveys your information to guests. They learn about exhibits, your brand, events and important locations through signage. It isn’t something a museum can ignore. For signage that conveys the museum experience through high-quality visual messaging, curators and coordinators alike turn to SpeedPro.

Displays that Every Museum Should Have

SpeedPro offers a wide variety of products that are ideal for museums, such as overhead banners that welcome visitors to exhibitions, backlit graphics to highlight exemplary pieces and custom posters to advertise souvenirs for sale in the museum store. Here are some of our popular options:

  • Wall murals: Got a massive space that needs covering? We can take care of it. With some creative design, you can use your wall space as an advertising platform and show off new exhibits or events.
  • Banners: Custom museum banners are great for a variety of purposes. Banners are an excellent way to promote exhibits and events, but you can also use banners as introductions to certain areas. As someone walks in, you can greet them with a banner or tell them more about what they’re looking at.
  • Pop-up displays: These displays can range from in-your-face to subtle. They are versatile and portable, able to go wherever you need them and move throughout the day as traffic increases or decreases.
  • Backlit graphics: Go new wave and bring light to your signage. With eye-catching vibrancy, backlit graphics are an excellent way to grab someone’s attention and add a classy, theatrical touch.
  • Posters: The classic approach to signage. Use posters to add more information, advertise an exhibit or display a map of the museum. They are incredibly versatile and can be permanent or used with temporary exhibitions.
  • Directional signage: Help your visitors get around with signage that shows them where everything is. Arrows and maps are helpful in any museum.
  • Elevator wraps: Elevators help visitors get from floor to floor. An elevator wrap lets you can turn the door of an elevator into signage real estate. Advertise a membership with the museum, new exhibits or regularly scheduled events.
  • Environmental graphics: Setting a scene? Environmental graphics can help. These signs can go up around the entirety of a room or area, creating a new atmosphere for guests to enjoy. With environmental signage, you can create an exciting experience or bring your visitors to exotic environments.

No matter what type of signage you decide to go with, SpeedPro can help bring it to life with expert technicians and a nationwide network.

High Quality & Accurate Graphics

When you’re in the business of information, accurate and high-quality custom museum graphics are essential. Graphics display important details about museum exhibitions or events. People depend on them to understand the museum exhibits correctly. The graphics you use are a reflection of your institution. Poor signage may make you seem less trustworthy or irresponsible. That’s why SpeedPro always double-check your signs for errors before they get printed. We want your signs to be as high-quality as possible and our technicians will look over your graphics for spelling errors and resolution issues.

Graphics display important details about the museum.

One of SpeedPro’s core values is quality. When it comes to image quality, we understand the importance of a graphic that is sharp and true to color. Our printers can print up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, and large formats are our specialty, so you don’t have to worry about pixelation or low-resolutions. We’ll make sure your high-resolution image will come out clear. We have a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality graphics to our clients.

Quality aspects a sign needs include:

  • High-resolution images
  • Readable font
  • Legible text size
  • Accuracy of information

SpeedPro can help with all of these. We will look over your image for quality concerns and can help bring your graphics to life, whether it’s representing the colors of a classic painting on a poster or a perspective shot of an abstract sculpture. That’s why museum staff turn to the color expertise of SpeedPro. We match the colors in our display graphics exactly to those in your existing branding, ensuring cohesive promotional materials and museum exhibits. We share your concerns for quality and accuracy, and our staff is standing by to collaborate with you and find the best solution for your marketing campaigns.

How to Get People to Come Into the Museum Off the Street

One way to increase traffic is to focus on people who might be strolling past your building. Attention-grabbing signage can draw people in and get them interested in what your museum has to offer.

A banner is one of the most straightforward ways to catch someone’s eye. If a building is particularly discrete, signage may be absolutely vital in getting people to realize that there is even a museum there in the first place. A welcoming fabric banner hung from the building can show them where the entrance is and what you’re all about. A roaring T-Rex outside of a historical museum or prints of famous artwork can pull audiences in with a taste of what the museum has to offer. Massive banners that drape over the side of a building are common, as are smaller banners that run along the pole of a lamppost or other structure. You may see several of these banners running down a block to call attention to a museum, especially during events or holidays.

Digital signage is a more high-tech approach to museum signage.

Another more high-tech approach is digital signage. Digital signs are vibrant, unique media that can change on the fly. Whether you need to communicate current promotions, dates and times or exhibit information, digital signage lets you display it all. The up-to-date approach can use motion to help draw in guests as well.

Digital signage also tends to be cheaper than other options. Without the need to continually print and update materials, you can direct your budget elsewhere. You can also spend your time on more important things since the time it takes to physically put up the signage is significantly reduced.

Finally, flags are a great way to bring in customers from off the street. These eye-catching signs flutter in the breeze and attract guests with their vivid colors. Flags are similar to banners in that you can use them to advertise events, the museum itself or exhibits. Flags lend themselves well to a variety of ad campaigns and are easy to set up.

A Museum’s Display Graphics Partner

At SpeedPro, we’re ready to work with your museum to produce the Big. Bold. Graphics. we do best. Our mission is to bring your message to life. We’ll customize solutions for your museum displays, as well as for vehicle wraps, window graphics, and much more, as our portfolio illustrates. For big, bold museum-quality graphics from a partner you can trust, contact us for a quote.