Custom Transportation Signs

Custom Transportation Signs and Graphics

For companies in the transportation industry, it’s essential to understand how custom graphics and signs can bring new business and improve the visual appeal of your fleet. Investing in custom graphics that fit your company’s brand will send a message to possible clients that you’re a professional company, devoted to excellence.

To ensure you’re maximizing the value of your custom graphics, you’ll need to know the advantages and the most popular types available today.

Popular Transportation Graphics and Signs

To fully harness the benefits of transportation graphics and signs, you’ll want to employ signage that provides the most value for your transportation business. The following graphic signage options provide transportation companies with unmatched value:

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle business wraps are key to a successful transportation company’s marketing strategy. Since so many people are on the road, these wraps get your company in front of thousands of people each day.

SpeedPro’s custom business vehicle wraps are made out of extremely durable vinyl that will hold up against common environmental pressures, such as dust, rain, snow and debris. Generally, they’ll display the company’s name, logo and contact information, along with other relevant pieces of information and eye-catching designs. Business car wraps can be installed partially onto a surface or over the entire vehicle, depending on your creative vision.

If you have a large fleet of vehicles transporting your goods, you’ll want them to maintain a consistent image to improve brand recall. SpeedPro has the ability to print out fleet wraps that maintain the same level of quality for every truck in your fleet. The name recognition that comes with consistent, powerful advertising will make it easier to land new clients, as brand familiarity often plays a significant factor in a consumer’s decision-making.


Custom decals are another popular form of signage that can be placed on vehicles, floors, walls, windows and a variety of other surfaces. If you don’t need a full vehicle wrap or are looking to simply accent the overall look of a vehicle with a custom graphic, a vinyl decal is an excellent choice. They hold up against the wear and tear of the road while spreading your message to whoever they pass on their route.

Along with vehicles, you can also apply them to your warehouse and headquarters. They can be installed on windows or doors to catch people’s attention and decorate the space. Along with their aesthetic value, they also have functional properties, as they can direct workers around the facility. With arrows and other symbols placed outdoors, you can ensure that truck drivers know where they should go to pick up and drop off their cargo, thus increasing efficiency.

Digital Signage

For transportation companies that operate warehouses and other facilities where goods are stored and shipped, digital signage is a must-have. As you’ll constantly move goods to and from your facilities, you’ll want to make sure your employees are updated on what they should be doing. For example, a digital sign can include information about pick-up and drop-off times, which materials need to be loaded into a truck and the location of loading zones.

The ability to quickly update digital signage makes them perfect for the ever-changing demands of the transportation industry. Along with their flexibility, the signs can even be placed outdoors to help truck drivers see where they need to go if they arrive at night. Additionally, if you’re a transportation company that also provides transportation for passengers, you can outfit your buses or other vehicles with digital signs that describe where the vehicle is going.

Benefits of Transportation Signs and Graphics

As you look to improve your transportation business, you might be surprised to find out how beneficial custom signs and graphics can be for your company. They provide and aesthetic value and serve as an economically friendly marketing tool. Some of the most significant benefits of signs and graphics are that they:

Benefits of Transportation Signs & Graphics

Promote Your Business

Mobile advertising is one of the most effective forms available to transportation companies today. Since mobile advertisement is so much more eye-catching than other static options, it offers an exceptional opportunity to promote your company. Common advertisements featured on a fleet of trucks and other transportation vehicles will include the company’s name, logo and contact information. With these basic components, your fleet of vehicles can deliver goods and drum up new business for your company as they travel across the nation.

Improve Visual Appeal

On their own, a fleet of trucks or other transportation vehicles can be fairly boring in their appearance. When people see your vehicles on the road, you’ll want them to perceive your company as one that’s devoted to appearing attractive and professional. A good-looking vehicle wrap on a truck goes a long way in impressing future clients and sending a message that your company is devoted to delivering high-quality results.

Provide Cost-Effective Advertising

Unlike other forms of signage that require companies to purchase background materials or rent space to display their advertisements — such as you would for a billboard — vehicle wraps have the advantage of being applied to a surface that you already own — the exterior of your vehicle.

Since your vehicles will already be transporting goods, you can take advantage of their mobility. With advertising graphics in place, you’ll be able to accomplish several tasks, from increasing the value of your trucks and overall fleet to transporting your goods to advertising your company with cohesive branding.

Brand Your Vehicles With Custom SpeedPro Graphics

If you’re looking to improve the visual appeal of your vehicles, provide functional value to your facilities and promote your business, you’ll need to work with a company that knows the complexity of custom signage. Partnering with SpeedPro means you’ll work with a company that has over 20 years of experience in the printing industry and a nationwide network of studios ready to handle your request.

No matter how complex your needs are, you can trust SpeedPro to handle them and deliver long-lasting, visually appealing graphics. Find your local SpeedPro today to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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