Reception and Office Signage

Reception and Office Signage in Fort Collins

Are you worried your customers or clients are getting bored with your same old signage every time they visit your office? Are you trying to find ways to separate yourself from your competition? Do you want to improve the experience of first-time guests have when they visit your lobby area and build a first impression?

If so, SpeedPro is ready to help. Our team of skilled designers and marketing professionals can create reception and office signage to greet customers and assist them at reception so that they feel comfortable. We strive to create lobby signs in your reception area that not only represent your brand but also emphasize the benefits of your business.

Reach out to us today if your business or organization is located around Fort Collins, Loveland or Johnstown. Let’s begin designing today!

Welcome Customers Into the Lobby With Reception Area Lobby Signs

Some people find it difficult to feel comfortable waiting alone in a new or unfamiliar place. Sometimes it’s anxiety, and sometimes it’s just fear of the unknown and being alone that makes banks, business firms, hospitals and shopping malls daunting places. If you can create a calming atmosphere for customers to gather themselves, they’ll appreciate you and value your business much more. They’ll feel comfortable trusting you and may be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family — a huge perk for your business!

You may increase your business by branding in common areas where customers are likely to look around, such as lobbies.

There are multiple visual options for designing your lobby and reception area with signage. Possible selections include:

  • Canvases
  • Directional signage
  • Retractable banners
  • Vinyl banners
  • Wall murals
  • Window clings

Your walls are some of the easiest yet largest areas to cover and decorate in your lobby and waiting area. You can use a large format wall mural to add vivid color to the area and grab the eye of anyone walking in. As a result, people will feel included in an environment that aims to welcome them and make them comfortable. We can also print onto canvas material that’s stretched over wooden frames, able to cover the wall on its own or be arranged in a collage of multiple pieces.

Retractable banner stands can also accompany reception as an information provider. Whether you’re providing information about rooms or areas around the office or details regarding the business, this eye-level banner will greet guests as they walk in.

Directional signage will prove to be just as useful and helpful at reception. Inviting people into your area can reduce confusion and allow guests to feel relaxed. Custom reception signage shows that you’re making the effort with your customers to create the best and most relaxing experience possible.

Vibrant Office Reception Signs by SpeedPro Imaging Fort Collins

Reception and office signage is a key component of your business in making sure your brand is welcoming to all guests. If you’re ready to add some new life into your office, contact us today! We’ll schedule a consultation to make sure we acknowledge all of your business and branding needs.

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