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Step and Repeat Banners in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re partnered with other businesses, you can create graphics that showcase that unique relationship while building vital brand exposure. SpeedPro Ft. Lauderdale understands how people consume marketing materials, which means we can assist you with your efforts. Custom step and repeat banners are excellent methods, as you can display logos at red carpet events, weddings, charities and other occasions that serve as hotbeds for photo opportunities and other media exposure.

As a partner of one of the biggest large-format graphics providers in the country, we create jobs on quick turnaround times using top-tier technology and resources.

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Why Use Custom Step and Repeat Backdrops and Banners?

Whether you choose to follow celebrity happenings or not, they usually sneak into your favorite newspapers, magazines and television programs. Athletes and actors often field their photo ops in front of step and repeat banners, which businesses use as a way to show off their desired images.

You’ll want to design a product that’s noticeable but not overly intrusive. Our visual communication experts hold some experience in this area, as we’ve built up our skills throughout our time serving our local area. No matter what request you bring us, we’ll remain committed to fulfilling it, no questions asked. From start to finish, we’ll be a dedicated extension of your marketing team.

What Are Your Options for Custom Step and Repeat Banners?

Depending on your venue’s dimensions, we can create banners of varying sizes to fit the space comfortably. We print using long-life inks that preserve incredibly vivid colors, which makes for an impressive display in photos and on TV.

Material Options

You also have options when it comes to material type. Banners most often feature vinyl, which is cost-friendly and durable. You can also choose from poster paper, fabric, canvas, plywood and foamcore, depending on your situation. If you’re not sure what option will work best, we can discuss the characteristics of each one.

No matter what stylistic decisions you make for your step and repeat banners, everyone who sees them will be delighted.

Mounting Options

How you mount these products can make just as much of a difference. Poles and grommets are common choices, but we also offer retractable stands that are commonly seen at trade shows. These retractable versions provide a great deal of flexibility. Choose from three styles, including retractable, telescopic and spring-back. The three different models we offer are economy, standard and premium.

By utilizing color-matching practices, we’re able to ensure that your new step and repeat banner maintains flawless harmony with your other branding elements.

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