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Wall Murals in Fort Lauderdale

When was the last time you analyzed the layout of your office? You might have some bare spots that could be improved with a visual feature. Maybe the experience hasn’t been quite right for customers, or your employees don’t have the right mood to get their work done.

If this is the case, your office or building may need a refresh. SpeedPro Ft. Lauderdale can help you recreate the look and feel of your space by customizing a large format wall mural.

Our studio works directly with businesses and organizations located in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade counties. Reach out to us to get started with your new look!

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Enliven Your Space With Vibrant Printed Wall Murals

Large format wall murals have the potential to emphasize your brand in a dramatic way. You can choose one mural to expand across your entire wall or a few smaller pieces to assemble in the form of a collage. Our printers will take care of the rest, ensuring your room is brought to life by our vivid inks.

With bold, dynamic colors, our printed wall murals will become the center of attention and perfectly capture your business’s brand.

Two things we will need to clarify going into our design phase is who your mural will be presented for and where it will be located. You can use wall murals to better connect with your customers or reconnect with your employees.

Promoting Your Brand with Colorful Wall Murals

If you’re feeling like there may be a disconnect between the number of customers coming into your office and the sales that have happened, you might want to make a better impression where your customers are greeted. Making them feel comfortable when they walk inside is an essential practice — otherwise, they can begin to feel out of place and unwelcome.

Placing a printed wall mural in the lobby area won’t just welcome a customer into the office — it will also brand your business. If you’re promoting either a product or a service from your company, incoming guests and customers will be presented with your brand, which will encourage them to learn more and get involved.

Using Wall Murals to Reconnect with Employees

You may also choose to insert a vinyl wall mural behind the scenes to connect with your employees. If the work being produced is less than what it should be and your employees seem unmotivated, you may want to redirect their attention. Installing a large format wall mural in a conference room or shared break room will mean it meets the eyes of every employee daily. You can brand your business’s mission statement or even include some successes and statistics to help motivate your team and inspire them to do great work every day.

Colorful Vinyl Wall Murals by SpeedPro Ft. Lauderdale

If you’re looking to add a new decorative piece to your office, contact our studio to schedule a consultation! We’ll make sure we understand your motives and brand before we dive into the design process. Let’s get started!

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