Green Printers


We continue to invest in the latest, earth-friendly print equipment. Not only is it better for us, our clients, and ultimately their customers, but it often results in a much higher print quality than can be found elsewhere.


We are pleased to be the first in Texas to use the new EFI H1625 LED flatbed printer. This direct to substrate machine creates beautiful 1200 dpi prints and is best-in-class in environmental impact.

Benefits include:

  • Clean LED curing rather than UV mercury vapor lamps
  • Higher quality image with no UV banding
  • 82% energy use reduction
  • Inks that “stretch” instead of scratch or chip
  • Ability to print on heat sensitive substrates
  • No harmful VOCs or outgassing


Our water-based latex printers offer numerous health and environmental advantages compared to traditional solvent and UV cured inks. They produce very high quality, odorless prints and reduce environmental impact from print to disposal.

Our latex inks have qualified for certifications that demonstrate they meet some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air including:

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