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Event Graphics in Fridley, MN

Corporate events are fun to attend, whether it’s your own business or someone else’s. If it’s your own, it can even be exciting to be a part of it and present something. What might seem less than fun is being asked to organize a corporate event.

A lot of work goes into planning and executing the running of a corporate event. First of all, don’t feel like you have to do it alone. SpeedPro North Metro has a team of professionals in the fields of marketing and design, and we’re prepared to help you make an event everyone will remember as both professional and entertaining.

If you’re looking for some assistance in creating your custom event graphics to make your brand pop, reach out to us today! Our studio extends service to businesses and organizations located around the counties of Anoka, Hennepin and Ramsey, Minnesota.

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Custom Graphic Designs for Your Corporate Event

You can hype up an event as much as you want — people will still feel inclined to create their own first impressions upon approaching. And one of the things that will help shape someone’s impression is whether or not their attention was captured in a way that excited them or confused them.

At SpeedPro, we create attractive corporate event graphics that boldly emphasize the atmosphere of your event, creating excitement and eagerness.

Event Graphics Options

To reach this goal for each unique partner, we offer a large range of event graphic designs that include but aren’t limited to:

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry! Our team is here to help you decide which graphics will work best for your business, brand and event space.

Wayfinding Signage

Directional signage will play a key role at your corporate event — and it starts all the way outside. The first step in making sure a guest feels invited into an event is to make sure they can find your venue. Directional signage can help guide guests through the parking lot area, through the front or side entrance and up to the proper registration table. Once inside, directional signage continues to lead guests in making sure they know where specific presentations are being held and where they can find a bathroom, among other important locations.

Branded Banners

Banners perfectly capture attention too, from their large, bold graphics to their fade-resistant, vivid inks. Place them outside to attract attention from people walking by. Promote your event in the days or weeks leading up to it by installing a street-wide banner strung above light posts.

You should also place some banners around the inside of your event. Crafting these branded banners will draw the attention of your guests up and around, ensuring they get a good look at everything that’s happening. You can also install retractable banner stands that provide information for those guests who would rather not sit through presentations and want to walk around at their own pace instead.

Vivid Graphic Design for Events in Fridley

There are so many ways you can prepare for a corporate event, but making sure you have perfectly branded graphic designs is the best way to start. Our studio can help you out through every step of the process, so give us a call!  Schedule a consultation today or request a quote. We’d love to work on an upcoming event with you.

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