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Wall Murals in Fridley, MN

Minnesota can be a beautiful state, but it can also be subjected to harsh conditions in the winter that dampen the mood. You can help to combat those sullen feelings while simultaneously boosting your brand in a big way — literally. SpeedPro North Metro offers printed wall murals that can take up huge swathes of space in your building. Not only will the displayed images be bold, but our visual communication experts will also craft the products in a way that align with your circumstances.

Due to our partnership with one of the nation’s biggest large-format graphics producers, state-of-the-art printing technology and industry-leading materials place our craftsmanship above the rest.

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Why Vinyl Wall Murals?

Imagine yourself as a customer stomping through your company’s door with wet, snow-laden boots. Would you feel excited to be there if you were met by a blank wall?

Setting the tone can be crucial, and wall murals offer an instant mood-changer that can significantly influence a client’s feelings.

At SpeedPro, we sport a diverse portfolio, which means we’ll feel confident with your requests. From restaurants to sports complexes to medical practices, nothing stands outside our realm of expertise. As a result, you can build your appearance and marketing campaign just how you choose based on your goals. We offer the potential for creating beautiful, artistic scenes or simple brand affirmation. We also take on more complex projects, as we can even create a mural that tells a story about your company’s history and morals.

Muralists offer breathtaking work, but they can also take a lot of time. Our printing process, on the other hand, produces high-resolution, vivid images in a fraction of the time.

What’s the Process for Creating Printed Wall Murals?

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, which means we’ll do whatever we need to keep you happy. We’ll plan out every aspect of the design process, taking note of your needs and wants while offering recommendations. We’ll also walk you through our product catalog, which might be overwhelming at first, but we’ll carefully lay out all of the options and their specifics.

Everything, from the materials to the laminates, will be covered. While you’ll likely care the most about the design, we’ll need to send our surveying team to make sure everything will fit as intended. Our crew will record exact measurements and conduct a wall material test, which will ensure that your preferred materials adhere to your wall without any issues.

When the time comes for installation, we’ll apply the mural, completely free of imperfections. We’ll cut away excess material, then finish the piece as specified.

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