Touchless TECH

InfoLnkX is touchless technology that delivers information directly to an individual's phone, simply by holding the phone up to a near field communication (NFC) chip that transmits information. Completely touch-free, no app required.*

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Touch-Free Transactions

Reduce the number of shared touch points customers need to interact with

Interactive User Experience

Make looking at a menu, ordering and paying a contact-free process

Smart Signage Options

Guide and inform customers about touch-free shopping with smart signage

InfoLnkX Touchless Signage

SpeedPro is installing InfoLnkX Near Field Communication (NFC) tags in signs, wall murals, decals and more to direct customers to web pages, videos, audio, app downloads and other digital content. This new spin on smart signage creates an easy user experience that is not only touch-free, but also expands marketing options to be able to reach these customers through retargeting long after the in-person interaction.

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Pivoting for Current Business Needs

SpeedPro began exploring smart signage long before the COVID-19 pandemic for events, venues and trade show applications. The launch was expedited as the need to help our clients and local businesses in our community grew more urgent. Clients were requesting new ways to reach customers and to connect printed branding to dynamic online content.

This technology is quickly taking off at restaurants, museums, retail stores and other public attractions that want to deliver rich digital content and paperless menus to customers and visitors. Businesses promoting mobile apps can also benefit from this technology, because it facilitates an easy transition from awareness to download.

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Smart Signage Options for Your Needs

SpeedPro can also accommodate any scale of QR code printing and application as well. We’ll work with you to provide touchless technology that speaks to your customers.

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*Capabilities vary by smartphone. NFC settings may need to be enabled or a third-party NFC Reader app may be necessary for specific smartphones.

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