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Step & Repeat <span>Banners</span>

Step and Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Are you looking to add a fun and interactive element to your upcoming corporate event or professional trade show? Reflect on the experiences shared by guests at red carpet events and movie premiers. They’re always standing in front of a backdrop covered with logos for multiple businesses. Why not try to incorporate one of these fun features into your space? Sure, your guests may not be attending an actual movie premiere, but they’ll enjoy taking their photos in front of similar materials.

At SpeedPro Gold Studio, our team will work to create custom step and repeat banners and backdrops for all of your photo opportunities. Choose your desired size and framing options, and we’ll create the design to match your branded look. Whether it goes front and center or off to the side, your step and repeat banner will attract attention from every corner of the room.

Reach out to our team today if you’re interested in adding one of these backdrops to your corporate branding.

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How Can You Use a Step and Repeat Banner?

The creativity is endless with custom and personalized step and repeat banners. Step and repeat banners are made of fabric, making them durable and can be used again and again for an extended period.

Step and repeat banners show your role as a professional brand and encourage customers to interact with your business.

Using Step and Repeat Banners as Backdrops

Outside your office, you can add a step and repeat banners to engage first-time customers and potential clients. These banners are the perfect backdrop for your trade show table display. As customers talk to you, they’ll be simultaneously engaged with the branded image repeatedly displayed around you. There’s also the chance that photographers will capture your backdrop in the background of press photos, increasing your visibility when the pictures are uploaded and shared.

You should consider placing step and repeat banners around the point of purchase displays. The bold and branded look will attract onlookers, and once they’re close enough, you can begin your sales pitch to interested parties. These features are also great for when you’re rebranding and working on a new logo. By emphasizing the image at your event, you’ll introduce people to your new branded look.

Get Custom Step and Repeat Features and More in Las Vegas

Ready to add some interactive features to your office or professional event? Consider installing a step and repeat backdrop that’s customized to match your brand. We work with organizations located in Las Vegas and Henderson, so don’t hesitate to call us today and get a quote!

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