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Despite the outward pizazz that many businesses show in a place like Las Vegas, it’s wise to double down with interior wall coverings that make just as big of a statement. At SpeedPro Gold Studio, we can enhance your building’s atmosphere for the better with our top-tier resources.

We serve local businesses stationed all across the Las Vegas Valley, and beyond. Request a consultation through our website, call, or come to visit us to get started!

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Wall-to-Wall Makeovers With Custom Wall Coverings

Any business that comes to us is in our wheelhouse, as we’ve worked with different establishments across many different industries. We’ll model a unique approach within our general framework so that you receive the best results for your business. We understand and appreciate the differences that set you apart, and we’ll go through our extensive product catalog together to find wall coverings that accentuate those differences.

If you’d like to make a big impact, you can’t go wrong with one of large format wall murals!

These beautiful pieces can fit most walls, and we design them to fit in flawlessly with your university, sports complex, eatery or any other business location. With the assortment of industry-leading materials and adhesives we have at our disposal, your mural will fit your vision to a tee. We’ll take exact measurements of your space and do a wall material test too, so we’ll have to install only once.

Your Unique Wall Graphics Options

Wall murals are suited for more long-term use, but we also offer short-term graphics in the form of custom-cut decals and canvas art. If you want to display your logo in your reception area or creatively produce information, our vinyl decals can be molded to fit the occasion. They can be applied to many different surfaces as well, so you have plenty of placement options.

In this realm, you can choose from types that include calendar, cast, comply, ControlTac, metallic, reflective, fluorescent, iridescent, carbon fiber, and diamond plate.

Commercial wall coverings can take on a classic flair with canvas art. We use materials that include polyester, polyester/cotton blend, and cotton for our prints. They can be finished in matte or satin as well.

With our acoustic felt panels, you can reduce noisy atmospheres like casinos in a creative way. We can contour cut them to form artful shapes, and they can be applied to the wall like other kinds of art without issue.

No matter what you choose, we’ll use our color-matching practices to harmonize your new products with your preexisting branding elements.

Your Printing Partner for Vibrant Commercial Wall Coverings

Contact us today to schedule your consultation. If you’d like to visit us in person, you can come to our studio on South Pecos Road, the second block north of East Sunset Road in Las Vegas.


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