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Wall Murals in Las Vegas

Take your interior decoration up a notch with a vibrant large format wall mural! At SpeedPro Gold Studio, we’ll carefully construct the ideal mural for your business to wow new customers and keep them coming back.

Being a part of a national leader in graphics printing, we have access to high-quality materials and state-of-the-art printing technology. Also, we’ve worked with local businesses in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson for years now. The results that we’ve produced speak for themselves.

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Why Large Format Wall Murals?

Printed wall murals can announce your brand with authority, tell an in-depth visual story about your history and more.

The common thread between all the options is that they will draw eyes and make people remember where they witnessed those evocative pieces of art. Emotions are powerful, and the stronger they are, the stronger people will endorse your company. These positive reactions can easily mean more loyal customers and added interest from people who hadn’t previously heard of your business.

Not only are they done with high quality and within convenient timetables, but they’ll also last for a long time thanks to industry-leading materials. All in all, these vinyl wall murals can rival the work of any muralist!

The Process You Can Expect for Your Printed Wall Murals

Don’t hesitate to bring us your requests — we’ll work hard to implement your ideas as best we can. From conceptualization to surveying to installation, we want to keep you involved and feeling stress-free. Commissioning a project like this should fun, not a bother.

After we collaborate with you to learn your needs and specifications, we’ll show you all the material options that we have available. From there, we can make recommendations on how to move forward.

As we finalize the design process, we’ll make sure the materials won’t cause any future issues. Our survey team will come to your building to take precise measurements and conduct a wall material test. The test will ensure that your mural will last as long as needed.

Your new piece of wall art can be finished or laminated, depending on the choices that you make beforehand. When we install your mural, we’ll cut away all excess material to form a perfectly clean image.

We’ll even utilize our color-matching practices to keep your new investment in sync with the rest of your branding elements.

Vinyl Wall Murals That Grab Attention

We take pride in our printed wall murals, so your next project will be done with enthusiasm and tact if you choose to partner with SpeedPro. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started. To visit us in person, remember that we’re located on Pecos, just north of Sunset.


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