Solar Control Window Film

Glare Reducing Window Film

Window film is the best way to reduce the amount of solar light that enters one’s home by up to 99%. Window films are also called solar control window films.

It can reduce heat inside a building, which in turn reduces air conditioning costs by lowering the temperature inside of a building. There are 3 different types of window films depending on their desired function. The first type is for aesthetics, which is more expensive but covers up unsightly surfaces. The second type of film is for glare reduction, which reduces glare from sunlight and can be applied to surfaces that are not aesthetically pleasing. The third type of film is for insulation or energy efficiency, which helps keep heat out or in depending on the season.

Reduce UV Rays with Window Films

There are many different types of window films available on the market, but solar control film is one of the most popular. Solar control window film blocks out 92% of harmful UV rays and reduces heat by up to 30%. With this kind of protection you can reduce your energy bills dramatically.

Window tinting is an easy way to save money on your energy bills because it decreases the amount of sun that can get into your house by up to 75%. It’s not just an aesthetic choice either, it also protects furniture and floors from fading due to sunlight exposure.

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