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4 Tips to Marketing Your Small Business

JULY 2, 2020| SpeedPro Greenville

Despite the small business economy booming the last few years, small businesses have taken a huge hit in the past few months because of a certain pandemic. But, now that the economy is starting to pick back up, so can the small businesses.

One thing that small businesses have struggled with in the past has been marketing and advertising. With a much smaller budget for marketing and advertising, small businesses struggle to compete with corporate businesses.

But small businesses have the upper hand in a few areas. It might take a little more work, but nothing gets accomplished without a little grit, right?

Well, here are a few tips for small businesses to pull ahead of the head honchos in town.

1. Invest in Impactful Signage

Imagine your commute to work. How many yard signs do you pass in your neighborhood? How many billboards do you pass on the interstate? How many banners and signs do you pass as you cruise through town?

And take a look your business. How many signs do you already have?

A survey done by FedEx Office, a leader in small business marketing solutions, found that almost eight in 10 American consumers enter a store they’ve never been to because of a sign they say. Around seven in 10 said they actually bought something because a sign caught their eye.

As you can see, good signage contributes to the success and marketing efforts of a business, and there are many different types of signage you can use.

  • Banners – Banners come in all shapes and sizes and can be hung on the side of a building or on a fence or even inside.
  • Billboards – Large scale and seen by most everyone, billboards are great for advertising to the daily commuters of your area.
  • A-Frames – Small as they are, a-frames are great for advertising specials on a menu, new business hours, an upcoming event or even just a funny quote.
  • Yard Signs – Support your business with yard signs advertising your next event or a charity your business is involved with.
  • Flags – Flags are great for sending out short messages such as: sale, open, tickets, etc.

But you can’t just plaster SHOP HERE on a sign outside your business, you have to be creative about what you put on those signs.

The FedEx Office study also showed that around two thirds of consumers believe a store’s signage reflects the quality of the business’ products and services.

So, be creative with your designs:

  • Find a new angle to advertise – Be creative with how you advertise. Play to your strengths while thinking of your consumers.
  • Add a pop of color – Your sign won’t catch eyes if it’s all one color. Additionally, using contrasting colors for type and background makes a sign easier to read.
  • Make it readable – If your sign is on a road, make sure someone would be able to read it as they drive by.
  • Be informative – Make sure you include your business name and location/contact info.

Grab your city’s attention with some great signage. Our team at SpeedPro is excited to partner with you to print your new signs, and our expert designer can offer tips if needed.

2. Wrap a Vehicle

Increase your brand awareness by wrapping your vehicle with an attractive design that says who you are, what you do and how to contact you. The design doesn’t need to be big, just enough to satisfy you and your marketing needs.

Your wrap can be full, partial or made up of individual spot graphics. With custom vehicle wraps, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Custom designs to fit your branding needs
  • Full-color, dynamic graphics that will increase brand awareness for your company
  • Vinyl materials that can be easily removed and changed as your branding evolves
  • Durable vinyl materials for long-lasting, effective messaging
  • Widespread reach in your local area

An AAA study found that Americans drive an average of one hour a day. Think about how many vehicles you see in the span of a one-hour drive. With an eye-catching vehicle wrap, your brand will grab the attention of hundreds of other drivers in a day.

That’s right. Vehicle wraps are a gift that keep on giving. Contact us today for a quote.

3. Networking and Community Relations

Network. Network. Network.

In the world of small businesses, networking is crucial. No matter your products and services, it’s always nice to have someone ready to give your business a good word.

Join a Leads Group

Leads also result from networking. Many businesses thrive on the leads they generate through their networks. Join a group and be quick to share you own leads as well.

Attend Events

Oftentimes a city’s Chamber of Commerce hosts networking events for their members for free and also to community members for a fee. These events are great for meeting new people of different backgrounds and businesses, and you might even generate some leads or business there.

Host Events

One way to catch an audience’s attention is to host an event. Whether online or in-person, events generate brand awareness and eventually sales.

The paradox with social distancing and events is that your event can’t be as big, but people desire the community. Make sure to encourage safe practices as you host.

4. Get Online

In this day and age, an online presence is crucial for a small business. In 2018, internet users averaged six hours a day on digital media. I’m sure that number has only grown since.

Having both a successful website and social media pages greatly increase the chance of your business bring seen. Some tips for success on the internet are:

Make your site mobile friendly. The number of hours spent on the internet via mobile device has constantly grown over the years.

Use keywords. Using popular keywords will increase the likelihood of internet users finding your site on their web browser. It’s best to focus on one or two keywords per page. Use your keywords in your title and headings, but don’t force their usage.

Be consistent. One of the best ways to get our content out there is to post consistently, whether you’re posting blogs or social media. The more you post, the more content you’re generating. The more content you generate, the more likely your page will be seen.

Stay up-to-date. Google and social media algorithms change constantly, and in order to keep your content at the forefront of everyone’s searches, you need to stay up-to-date.

Produce relevant content. If your business specializes in a specific industry or service, focus your content on that industry or service. As users surf the internet, Google tries to fill their pages with content relevant to their search. If your content seems relevant and knowledgeable, you’re more likely to appear higher in Google’s search.

So Basically

As a small business, you might not have a huge budget for your marketing, but the investments you do choose to make are critical.

So, boost your brand awareness with some new custom signage or a vehicle wrap. SpeedPro Greenville is excited to talk with you about how we can help you get your business known. Contact us today for a quote or full list of services.

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