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5 Ways To Use A Wall Mural

MAY 21, 2021| SpeedPro Greenville



Take a mental stroll through your business. How many walls are bare or what’s currently on the walls needs to be updated? Does your interior scream who you are as a business? Sometimes décor looks great but doesn’t reflect the brand atmosphere of a business.

One way to make your business and branding really pop is to incorporate a large, or even small, wall mural.

Why invest in a wall mural?

Why invest in any décor at all? Your business probably invested in some level of wall décor at one point because of the huge difference between a blank wall and a colorful photo. Empty, dreary walls tend to make a room dreary and boring.

So, the next question is, why not a vinyl wall mural? Murals can be on the more expensive side, but you can do so much with a digitally printed wall mural.

Tell a story.

Your business has a unique story to tell, whether the story is the business’ founding, the way your business runs or any other number of stories. When displayed as a wall mural, your story becomes the main focal point of the room. A larger-than-life wall mural will draw the attention of anyone who walks in the room.

Example: Oftentimes, businesses display a timeline of their business’ history across a long wall. Adding a wall mural behind the timeline plaques helps draw attention to the timeline, as well as complete the look.

Display locations.

Many companies have multiple locations across a specific region or country. A map marking those locations is a great way to show clients and employees the reach of your business.

If your company is growing exponentially and more and more locations are being added, don’t worry about needing to replace the entire mural. Instead, ask for additional pinpoint decals that you can install yourself as more locations open.

Promote products & services.

For most businesses, selling products or services is the main source of company income. Any businessperson knows, you’ve got to promote your product if you’re going to sell anything. Putting a huge wall mural depicting your products or services is a great way to show off what you sell. Of course, you can get creative with how you design the mural.

Example: The Greenville location of Quest Global, an engineering company spread across North America, displays their many areas of expertise on a wall mural through words and images.

Spark creativity & morale.

Studies show that employees are more productive and engaged in their work when they are comfortable in their work environment. Many factors play into an employee’s comfortability level, and the overall aesthetic and look of the interior is one of those factors.

Example: A large, undecorated break room might seem uninviting to employees, but when you put in a fun and creative wall mural, the room atmosphere instantly changes. Plus, if you’re installing something in an area only staff will see, you can be more relaxed in your design and not have to focus on representing your brand.

Promote business identity, culture and values.

Many times, I walk into a business and the first thing I notice is the logo, mission statement or some other type of branding being displayed behind the lobby desk. Your branding, whether explicit (like the vision statement up on the wall) or implicit (like an image depicting a team building exercise or event), can be displayed down a hallway or in an open room.

Example: One of the most obvious uses of branded imagery, is in a conference room. What better place to have a mural that promotes your business and values than the place your clients and stakeholders meet you?

Advantages of Wall Murals

Your next question is probably why a vinyl wall mural? Why not a painted mural or a decal or wall hanging? While a decal and hanging work wonders as well, a full coverage wall mural just screams for attention.

  1. Easy to clean. All it takes is a rag dipped in mild dish soap and water. Vinyl murals are also removable, depending on the material you decide on. Wallpaper murals will stay forever, while a strong adhesive vinyl can be removed, but might take down some paint with it.
  2. Digitally printed. This means you can print anything that’s created or on the computer (in the right resolution of course). Your design can be as customized as you want it, and we’ll print exactly what you give us.
  3. Any size. No size is too big! Wall murals are printed in panels and those panels can be laid side by side, above and below, however you need it.
  4. Optimize space. Wall murals are flat against the wall, so if there’s no room for furniture or décor by a wall, a mural will add dimension the room without taking up extra floorspace.
  5. Word of mouth marketing. Not all businesses have extravagant wall murals adorning their walls. When a client or patron sees your mural, there’s do doubt they’re going to tell their friends about it.

Wall murals are great branding tools as well as decorating options. If you’re interested in knowing more or getting pricing, contact SpeedPro Greenville today and get started!


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