Meet the Team

Gregg Richey


Gregg opened SpeedPro’s Greenville location in December of 2014. His energy and zeal for the business helped generate sales from the start. Now, he keeps the sales and business rolling with years of experience and an easy laugh. Until you meet him on the golf course. That’s when things really get serious.


Darren Rambo

Production Manager

Darren Rambo, of the New Jersey Rambos, joined Gregg in the opening of SpeedPro Greenville in 2014. From the beginning, Darren has been the backbone to the production side of our business. He’s your graphic designer, print specialist and production manager all in one. One thing to remember: his kryptonite is M&Ms.


Kayla Taylor

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Kayla joined SpeedPro Greenville a little later in the game – June 2020 – but she has quickly picked up the nuances of the job. Kayla serves as our in-house marketer and also dabbles in sales. Her plucky attitude has kept her afloat, especially when Gregg teases her about her ability to eat large restaurant portions.


SpeedPro Greenville

Studio Owner

Gregg Richey