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Great. Big. Mounted Decals.

One of the perks of mounting your image or sign on PVC, ultraboard or foam core rather than directly to your wall is the ease of installation and removal. When mounted, images and signs can be put on the wall using Command Strips or double sided tape. These installation methods allow you to adjust the sign as needed and also make removal much easier.

Your images and signs will be printed with high quality inks and mounted to stiff boards. These boards can then be installed on your lobby wall or even placed inside a picture frame. No print is too big either – one of our biggest mounted projects pictured the entire USA.

Below is a description of the types of mounting. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

Mounted Signage Options

Once you’ve settled on your sign design or image, we digitally print it onto a self-adhesive vinyl which is then mounted onto the type of board best suited for your sign or image use.

Foam Core

Foam core is a very popular option for presentations. This board consists of three layers – an inner layer of polystyrene sandwiched by clay coated paper. Foam core often isn’t laminated to keep it cost efficient, so it tends to be more brittle than ultraboard and PVC and bend or dent easily. Because of this, foam core is more popular for one-time use or in situations where it won’t be handled often.


A sturdier version of foam core, ultraboard is made with the same polystyrene middle but is sandwiched by moisture resistant layers of solid polystyrene. Ultraboard is typically laminated to protect the surface from smudges, fingerprints and scratches.


The strongest of the three so far, PCV is often used for outdoor signage as well as indoor signage. PVC boards are lightweight and durable due to the PVC liners woven into the board.


Acrylic is a clear, glass-like material. One of the most popular uses of acrylic is to reverse print (print on the sticky side) and mount the vinyl to the back of the acrylic. This allows you to hang or install the acrylic without fear of a passerby scratching the image.


ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) is similar to a metal sheet. A thin polyethylene core binds two thin layers of aluminum together to make a lightweight metal board. The finished aluminum is great for outdoor signage, or giving a sign a unique look.

These boards come in varying thicknesses and can be cut to any size to fit your graphic.

Bring Your Designs To Print in Greenville, SC

After designing your sign and determining how it’ll be used, you’re ready to go to print!

We make sure to use the highest quality inks, vinyl and mounting boards. Your designed will be printed and installed by our production professional. Remember, no job is too big – so feel free to let your imagination go crazy.

Contact us today for a quote or check out our portfolio for some inspiration.

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