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Types of Wall Decals

Is your office space making you want to fall asleep? With intricate and interesting custom wall graphics from SpeedPro, you can transform your work environment into a truly wonderful and personalized space your employees and visitors will enjoy.

SpeedPro can take just about any idea floating in your head and make it into a reality with high-quality designs that can be effortlessly applied directly to the walls of your store or office. Every wall graphic will be crafted according to your exact specifications for lasting beauty and personality. A few wall graphic ideas include:

  • Flashy and fun interior design decals like stripes or polka dots
  • Logos, photographs and murals
  • Mission statements and goals
  • Quotes
  • Product specials or promotions
  • Directional signage

There is no limit to your imagination or the wall graphics you put up on your walls.

Custom Wall Decals with SpeedPro

SpeedPro Greenville is with you every step of the graphic creation and installation process. Throughout the early stages of your wall graphic project, SpeedPro studio professionals will work with you and take note of the following information:

  • Wall dimensions
  • Color and lighting considerations
  • Image and text ideas
  • Type of wall surface (e.g. rough, smooth, metal, glass, brick)

Whether you come with your own design and installation team or you’d like us to do the design work and installation, SpeedPro Greenville has you covered. No project is too big. Contact us today for a quote.

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