Wayfinder Signage

Types of Wayfinder Graphics

Wayfinder signage has evolved since the outbreak of COVID-19. Now, in addition to your typical wayfinding signage, businesses have incorporated directional signage to encourage social distancing. No matter the use, directional signage serves two purposes, branding and giving directions.

Some examples of wayfinder signage include:

  • Entrance/Exit Signage: Inform your customers of the nearest emergency exit with these directional signs and graphics.
  • Event Wayfinders: Wayfinders come in many forms: a-frame signs, pole banners, outdoor signs, hanging indoor signs, retractable banner stands and more. There’s no limit to what you can use as wayfinder signage.
  • One-Way: These graphics are especially handy now, with social distancing restrictions in place. Show your clients the yellow brick road to keep safe in public areas.
  • You are Here (Maps): Vinyl maps can be printed and installed on wood or aluminum stands to show your customers what products and services are offered in your workplace. No size is too big.

Wayfinder Signage with SpeedPro

No one wants to be lost in an unfamiliar place. Installing directional signage in key places around your facility will minimize a customer’s chance of getting lost. Plus, wayfinder signage can be used as branding material as well as directional material. Your options are unlimited when it comes to personalizing your directional signage for your brand and business.

Wayfinder signage improves the moral concerning your for events, education facilities, government buildings, malls, hotels, you name it, as your clients seamlessly find their way to you or around your business. Contact SpeedPro Greenville today to get started on your directional signage.

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