Full box truck wrap showcasing Elite CSI's green and black colors as well as company information.

Benefits Of A Vehicle Wrap

APRIL 16, 2021| SpeedPro Greenville


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Take a drive down a busy road in your city. You’re bound to notice at lease a few vehicles wrapped from bumper to bumper in some sort of branded vehicle wrap. Some vehicles might not have the whole 9-yards but will have a logo and contact information on the doors or rear.

These vehicles are wrapped for a reason – to advertise and build brand awareness. Many different types of businesses wrap their vehicles. You don’t have to be a service based business to invest in a vehicle wrap.

Now why would you want to spend the precious marketing dollars to wrap a single vehicle, or fleet of vehicles. Well, there are a few reasons you might consider the investment.

Return on Investment

ROI is a major factor in any good business professional’s decision-making process. How will X investment benefit the business? Will purchasing X actually help us or are we throwing our money away?

With a vehicle wrap, you’re definitely not just “throwing your money away.”

First of all, a vehicle wrap is a one-time investment.

Vehicle wraps typically last 4-6 years on vertical surfaces and 2-2.5 for horizontal surfaces, depending on how well you protect and clean the wrap. A well-kept wrap can last years without needing to replace the vinyl.

A full wrap for a regular sized sedan typically falls around $2,500-$3,000. Now before you get turned away by that price, think about it this way:

One vehicle wrap gets about 30,000-70,000 impressions in a single day.

Say your wrap only lasts four years (it’ll probably last longer) and you paid $3,000 for it. In four years, you’ll have paid $3,000 for 43,800,000 impressions – and that’s even based off the lower end of the impressions estimate! That’s about $2.05 a day for over 30,000 impressions a day. Or $.000068 per impression.

And if you’re getting that many impressions, the odds of you receiving leads influenced by your wrap are great.

Sometimes leads come directly because of a wrap.

One of our clients runs a tiling business and had his trailer fully wrapped. One day he stopped at his local hardware store for supplies and walked back outside to see a lady standing by his trailer. She was in the market for his services, had seen the trailer and decided to wait by it and talk to him. He got her business.

That one sale covered the cost of the entire wrap.


One common misconception of car wrap vinyl, is the vinyl will harm the paint underneath. Quite the opposite actually.

Vinyl is like a layer of skin, so any existing chips in the paint or dirt under the vinyl will show. The vinyl is also thick enough to protect your paint from shallow scratches.

During removal, vinyl comes off well and won’t peel up your paint. *Unless* you leave the vinyl on for too long and it starts to crack from long exposure to the elements. If the vinyl is left on too long, the only way to remove the wrap is to sand down to the paint. However, this shouldn’t happen for a few years, especially if you keep the wrap in good condition.

Another function of a business wrap is the afore mentioned branding and advertising opportunities.

Without reiterating everything, a branded car wrap draws attention to your business and brand wherever you go. You can focus on brand development and design the wrap with character reflecting your business values. You could focus on advertising and display products, services and calls to action on the wrap. You can also go with a simpler option and list contact information.

Your vehicle has hundreds of square feet of prime advertising real estate. Why not use it?

Finally, sometimes businesses are required to have their name and logo displayed on their vehicles before entering a worksite.

Having a branded vehicle wrap before a situation like this comes relieves the stress of rushing to meet a deadline. Or, if this is the reason you’re looking to get a wrap or decals, make sure to get started on the project with as quickly as possible; sometimes installers are scheduling one to two weeks out.

Never Stops Working

We’ve already established the amount of publicity a vehicle wrap gets – it’s because a vehicle wrap never sleeps!

Once a wrap is on your vehicle, it’s there to stay and tell everyone who sees it who you are and what your business does. It doesn’t matter if you’re parked at your office, driving between appointments or doing a job for a client. Your wrap is still advertising.

The best part? The consistent brand awareness doesn’t require much effort from you.

All you have to do is park the vehicle or drive around a little to get impressions. Upkeep doesn’t require much – a soft wash or hand wash every now and then. Make sure to avoid going to a car wash when possible. The pressurized water may get up under the vinyl and start eating away the adhesive.


Regardless of your original reason for interest in a vehicle wrap, now you have many more reasons to invest in one.

If you’re in the Upstate of South Carolina, you’ve no doubt seen the various wrapped trucks and service vans cruising through town. Although there are a lot of wrapped vehicles in Greenville, a business wrap will keep you in the game. Without a branded wrap, you miss a wealth of opportunity to grow the Upstate’s awareness of your brand.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a wrap, please reach out to us today. We’ve also got plenty of previous wraps you can explore for idea generation. Let us know if we can do anything for you; we’d love to help!

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