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SEPTEMBER 3, 2021| SpeedPro Greenville

Every business has a reputation. Your marketing and website can do a lot to set a foundational knowledge of your business for customers, but the human interaction (i.e. customer service) is what will really form your business’ reputation.

The way you and your employees present yourselves and handle certain situations affect your clients’ perceptions of you. Some tips to help make sure your business is fostering a good reputation are:

  • Hold yourself and employees accountable
  • Prioritize quality control
  • If there’s a problem, make it right

These are three principles that JD Duggar, owner of Sentry Construction, practices and encourages among his employees. According to JD, these practices have helped Sentry Construction build a reputation for producing quality work.

Sentry makes a point to take care of their customers. They offer turnkey solutions in the roofing and exteriors market, including free roof inspections, assistance with roofing insurance claims, gutter work, framing and more. Sentry also specializes in the restoration of fire, water and tree damage.

“From the moment a Sentry representative walks on to your property to the moment your job is completed, it is our mission to make sure our customers are treated with respect and that their scope of work is being completed in a timely and effective manner.” – Sentry Construction’s Website

“Our number one priority is that our customers are satisfied,” JD says. To make this priority a reality, JD encourages quality production and hires good site managers. At the conclusion of each project, the team closes with a walk through with the customer.

Sentry Construction’s reputation isn’t just backed by opinions though. The business is licensed and bonded, as most good contractors are, but Sentry also has general liability insurance which adds an extra layer of protection to the customer.

As you’ve probably noticed throughout this article, JD values good customer relationships. That’s one of the reasons he’s stuck with SpeedPro Greenville to brand his vehicles. JD originally found us online and we helped him wrap his first vehicle. Since then, we’ve decaled more trucks as his team continues to grow.

Taking care of a customer – whether in meeting their original requests, working hard to right a wrong, or simply getting to know them – will help you establish a reputation of hard work and good customer service. Good rapport also encourages repeat business and referrals.

As any good business owner knows – a good reputation is key to having a successful business.

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