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Great. Big. Event Tents & Table Throws.

No matter the event, there’s a custom tent and table covering that are just the right fit. Our versatile, transportable event tents bring your business brand to the forefront, helping you market yourself in an understated yet effective way. Our event tents aren’t just for show — they’re designed to be fully functional and provide shelter or shade. Whether your event is taking place indoors or outdoors — no matter the season — an event tent can provide helpful information to visitors and expand your brand awareness.

Some benefits of event tents include:

  • Weather protection: Sun, rain and wind are no match for a SpeedPro Greenville event tent. They’re easy on the eyes and keep out the elements, perfect in the outdoors or an indoor auditorium.
  • Convenient setup and tear down: No matter which style you choose, you’ll find that our tents are designed to be easy. Each tent is simple and straightforward to install and break down without requiring any specialized tools or equipment.
  • Flexibility: Our custom options give you the freedom to create the kind of tent that works best for your company. Whether a sleek monochrome style, a vibrant branded backdrop or a standing canopy to maximize space, our tents provide the ultimate flexibility and style.
  • A cohesive brand: Keep your brand logo, messaging and colors front and center. Your custom event tent can complement other branded pieces, such as a banner or signage, to create a memorable and unified statement.

A Variety of Custom Event Tent Options

Our event tents come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can select which type will work best for your event, and customize the details accordingly:

Pop-up Canopies

These four-legged, collapsible frames offer a canopy shelter without walls. This option allows you to maximize space, which is particularly helpful for events that have a fluid number of people coming in and out. You will still have shelter from the elements within a sturdy, easy to use tent frame and durable fabric top.

Frame Tents

Frame tents compare closely with pop-up canopies, but are typically more sturdy.

Walled Pop-up Canopies

These structures operate similarly to a standard pop-up canopy, but include walls that either enclose the space, provide a custom backdrop or add short side walls. Walled can canopies add extra weather protection as well as separate your tent from other booths.

Pole Canopy

Pole tents offer a similar structure to a pop-up canopy — including four metal poles with a fabric top — but are typically in a larger size and is secured by driving stakes into the ground.

Custom Event Tents & Table Throws in Greenville, SC

Your employees will thank you for the shade as they comfortably work on a sunny day, and appreciate the shelter if it rains or snows. This weather-protected tent also provides welcome shelter for potential customers who meander over to learn more.

Also covering your table with matching branding material will improve your marketing efforts and show how well you’ve thought through your display. These throws give you more space for branding content as you represent your business.

With SpeedPro Greenville you can fully customize your tent design. Our team of production and design professionals will walk with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the best quality tent. Contact us today for a quote or full list of services.

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