The FAQs of SpeedPro Greenville

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 3-5 business days, though times may vary for larger or more complex projects. If you need your project before our standard turnaround time, please let an associate know as soon as possible.


Do you do motorcycle wraps?

We do not offer motorcycle wrapping services.


Can you print on fabric?

We can print on fabric for large format displays such as table throws and backdrops. We do not print on apparel.


Can I take my wrap through a car wash?

We suggest only taking your vehicle wrap through brushless car washes. Brush bristles have a tendency to scratch vinyl. If you prefer to hand wash your vehicle, use mild soaps and avoid brushes.


How do I clean my vinyl wall mural?

Every now and then, run a soft, dry cloth over your vinyl mural to remove dust or dirt particles. For stains, use a mild dish detergent and water to softly rub away the mark.


Do you offer custom design services?

We offer custom design services for $75/hr. The more information you’re able to provide up front (i.e. inspiration photos, logos, graphics, text), the less time we’ll have to take on design.


What type of vehicle wrap vinyl do you use?

Our standard vehicle wrap vinyl is Avery 1105 vinyl and 1360 laminate. These materials are cast, meaning they will conform to the body of your vehicle. In our experience, Avery is comparable to 3M in quality and lifetime.


How long will my vehicle wrap last?

Our vehicle wraps typically last 4-6 years on vertical surfaces and 2-2.5 years on horizontal surfaces where the sun beats down. Vinyl that has been left on a vehicle too long will begin to crack and peel up on the edges. Best practices would be to replace your vinyl before the cracking begins, since the cracking could damage the paint underneath.

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