A-Frames & Inserts

A-Frames & Inserts

Great. Big. A-Frames.

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A-Frames in the Upstate of SC

Sometimes referred to as sidewalk signs or sandwich boards, a-frame signs are some of the most portable forms of signage around. They get their name because they look like the letter “A” when viewed from the side once they are set up. Since they’re shaped in an A, these signs will often have custom messages on both sides of the frame. They’re well known for displaying promotional offers and specials, along with directing potential buyers into a business.

Regardless of the industry, companies that want to attract foot traffic often invest in A-frame signs for sidewalk advertising. Businesses place sandwich boards on the sidewalk in the effort to grab the attention of those walking by and point the viewer towards the entrance of a building or stand. A-frames are also great for displaying menus and daily specials or giving directions.

One of the top-selling points of a-frame signage is that you can place them almost anywhere. Since they’re so portable and can stand on their own, you can put them pretty much anywhere you think is appropriate. An a-frame is typically double-sided with inserts on either side.

A-frames are also cost efficient. Just make a one-time investment to get the a-frame and simply return for new inserts as your message changes. Inserts are often made with corrugated plastic or PVC board and covered with a weather resistant graphic.

Custom Solutions

SpeedPro Greenville strives to create unique and memorable products specially designed to meet our clients’ expectations and leaving a lasting impression. We’ll print whatever you give us, or we can sit down together and put together a design.

Whether you know exactly what you want on your a-frame inserts or could use a little guidance, SpeedPro Greenville is ready to partner with you to promote your brand.

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Creative Branding Opportunities

You can get as creative as you want with an a-frame. A-frames are static indoor and outdoor signs. They typically sit in the middle of traffic and to grab the attention of passersby. One perk of an a-frame is its double-sided nature. You can create two different designs or copy the same for both sides, depending on your goals for the sign.

Quality Materials

Our a-frame graphics are custom printed on vinyl and mounted to a rigid substrate. We prefer to use a PVC substrate for our inserts. Our standard a-frame is made of plastic material, but we also provide metal options.

Turnkey Solutions

We are first and foremost large format printers, but we offer turnkey solutions for our clients. We provide both frame and inserts, and design can be added if requested.



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