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Vinyl Banners

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Vinyl Banners in the Upstate of SC

Vinyl is a synthetic material commonly used as the base substrate for a range of print jobs. When businesses and event coordinators are in need of eye-catching displays, they choose banners — and therefore vinyl — as their medium. Vinyl supports a range of customizable print detailing that can bring this vision to life yet is strong enough to last where other signs can’t.

Vinyl banners are a multi-use medium – you can use the banner for advertising, displaying achievements, creating a portable barrier, you name it. Custom banners are great for businesses because of their visibility, adaptability, durability and customizability. Your custom banner displays any message, graphics or image you choose, allowing you to get creative with your branding. The correct use of colors and text are bound to draw attention to your message.

SpeedPro Greenville uses smooth, scrim or mesh banner material, depending on the use of your banner. Smooth banner material has a smooth, matte finish and is used for indoor displays. Often, this material pairs with a banner stand. Scrim banners can be used indoors and outdoors with your choice of matte or gloss finish. This material has extra fibers woven into it to allow the banner to better withstand the elements. Finally, mesh banner material is perforated with holes to allow air to pass through. You guessed it – mesh banners work best outdoors in windy areas.

Custom Solutions

SpeedPro Greenville strives to create unique and memorable products specially designed to meet our clients’ expectations and leaving a lasting impression. We’ll print whatever you give us, or we can sit down together and put together a design.

Whether you know exactly what you want on your banners or could use a little guidance, SpeedPro Greenville is ready to partner with you to promote your brand.

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Creative Branding Opportunities

Banners serve varying purposes and convey many messages; the choice is entirely yours. Some banners are best adorned with simple text and color, while others can be more elaborately designed. If your banner is in a place where people can stop and look at it, a more detailed design can be used. However, if your banner is going on the side of a building next to the interstate, you may want to keep the message simple and easy to read.

Quality Materials

Banners come in different materials and finishes, depending on what you’re looking for. Our inks are UV resistant, so exterior banners should hold up well against the sun for a few years. We can also print double-sided banners.

Turnkey Solutions

We are first and foremost large format printers, but we offer turnkey solutions for our clients. We provide banners with the preferred finishes (i.e. grommets, pole pockets, stands), and design can be added if requested.



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