Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners

Great. Big. Outdoor Banners.

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Outdoor Banners in the Upstate of SC

Outdoor banners serve many different purposes – mark construction sites with a “coming soon” message, display individual brands inside a large complex, support sports teams in a stadium, advertise a promotion, the list goes on.

Banners intended for outdoor use are most commonly made from perforated mesh or scrim. Vinyl mesh is perforated, so it allows wind to pass through with ease and will not billow excessively in windy conditions. In addition to being wind-resistant, vinyl mesh is a very aesthetically pleasing material to place graphics upon and holds up against rain, snow and ice.

Scrim banners have an extra woven layer that allow gives them an extra sturdiness. While they also hold up well against the elements, a windy day will cause the banner to blow up like a sail.

Outdoor banners can be hung from many surfaces, in many ways. You can opt for pole pockets to slide onto existing poles or grommets for hanging. Zip ties, wire, hooks, etc. can be used to hang up a banner with grommets.

Custom Solutions

SpeedPro Greenville strives to create unique and memorable products specially designed to meet our clients’ expectations and leaving a lasting impression. With SpeedPro, you can customize your banner with any design and at any size. Whether you know exactly what you want for your banner or could use a little guidance, SpeedPro Greenville is ready to partner with you to promote your brand. No project is too big!


Creative Branding Opportunities

Banners are custom to your design and size, so the only limit is your imagination. Your banner can display just your logo, or you can add text and color and other design elements. The choice is yours!

Quality Materials

Our outdoor banners are made with either a breathable, mesh fabric or a sturdy scrim material. We also include installed grommets or sewn pole pockets, whichever is needed.



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