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Why Invest in a Custom Table Throw?

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Support Your Brand

Table covers are great to have in stock for any company event, trade show, convention or meet and greet. These custom branded table coverings make your display more visually striking and help promote your brand in a professional manner. They are also an inexpensive, one-time purchase that you can used over and over again.

Instead of settling for a solid color table throw, opt instead for a design sporting your brand colors and logo. Maybe even add an extra brand element on the sides or top of the table. More often than not, businesses choose to layer their logo atop a solid background color. However, the design can be anything you want.

Our table covers come in a variety of styles – from regular table cloths to stretch covers to table top caps – so choose the style that will fit your brand best. Although the throw might not be the central focus of your exhibit, the custom branded colors and logo will tie together your table with the other booth elements.

Custom branded table coverings are great for companies that use tables in their day-to-day business as well. For instance, does your business have a selection of information packets currently resting on a plain plastic table? Why not order a custom table throw that will represent your brand while also making your display more pleasing to the eye?

Table coverings are also great for press conferences where a statement or panel discussion is held behind a table. No one wants to stare at someone’s knees while they talk into a microphone, so a branded table skirt or table covering is ideal to improve the look of the video.

Optimal for Outdoor Trade Shows and Events

You can enhance your booth space at tradeshows and street fairs by draping a custom tablecloth over the table to give a polished look to your display. The custom throw also represents your branding and adds another element of allure to your booth.

Not only for tradeshows, custom table covers are perfect for just about any occasion where you might want to represented your brand. With the right design, these covers relay who you are without overwhelming the viewer. The cloths also give an air of sophistication, no matter which style you choose.

No matter where you are, set up and take down are easy when it comes to table coverings. For the regular style cover, simply throw the fabric over the table and center the design as needed. For the stretch and fitted coverings, make sure the edges reach down to the table feet. When you’re done with the display, simply remove the cloth and fold for transport and storage.

Easy Ordering Process

For estimating table throws, all we need to know is which length table you have, the style you want and what logo and colors you’d like to use. Once you choose a style of table throw, the actual design won’t affect the quote. For instance, a solid blue table cover costs the same as a fully designed one. We have pre-drawn table cover templates available for you to create your own design on, or we offer custom design services for an additional fee.

Benefits of Table Covers with SpeedPro Greenville

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Customer Service

Our goal is to help your brand stand out. Just think of us as an extension of your marketing team. We ask questions to make sure you receive the best solution to help you reach your marketing goals because your satisfaction with the finished product means a great deal to us.

Quality Materials

Our table coverings are dye-sublimated on stretch fabric. The fabric has hemmed edges and, if necessary, rubber feet in the bottom corners. This package includes a custom printed flag table graphic. All custom table cover packages come with a one-year warranty on the graphic.

Turnkey Solutions

We are first and foremost large format printers, but we offer turnkey solutions for our clients. Design can be added or a template provided upon request. All table graphics are custom printed – your design can be anything you want it to be.

Our Favorite Table Throws:

We have other table throw options (i.e. size, style, number of sides). Please contact us for more information.

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Fitted table throw.

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