Custom Vinyl Wall Murals

Custom Vinyl Wall Murals

Great. Big. Wall Murals.

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Wall Murals in Greenville, SC

Walking into work every day and being greeted with an undesirable atmosphere does something to a person’s mood and morale. Even if your brand has a minimalistic aesthetic, neglecting to invest in the right atmosphere for your business can be a drain on your employees and yourself.

Fortunately, with a custom vinyl wall mural in your space, you can make a bold statement that inspires, motivates and reflects your branding. Your vinyl mural can feature a garden scene to represent naturally produced products or a cityscape that reflects your area of service. The options don’t stop there, and you don’t have to have a deep, philosophical reason for your mural. Any design elements can be printed into wall murals including geometric shapes, words, colors and more. Anything that is or can become digital, we can print.

SpeedPro Greenville strives to create unique and memorable products specially designed to meet our clients’ expectations and leaving a lasting impression. Whether you know exactly what you want on your wrap or could use a little guidance, SpeedPro Greenville is ready to partner with you to promote your brand. SpeedPro designs, prints and installs quality vinyl wall murals of all sizes, for all industries – no project is too big!


Creative Branding Opportunities

The moment your new vinyl wall mural is fully installed, the atmosphere in the room changes. Even if your mural doesn’t explicitly advertise your branding and products/services, the mural will implicitly reflect your brand’s message and atmosphere. Almost any design will make a wall mural pop, just use your imagination! An eye-catching wall mural is also great for word-of-mouth marketing as people take notice of the artwork. 

How To Effectively Brand With A Mural

Quality Materials

Our indoor wall vinyl typically lasts 5+ years and is easy to clean and take care of. Our inks are UV resistant and because these murals are indoors, your wall mural should stay vibrant for years to come. They are also very low maintenance: simply take a lint-free cloth or sponge to remove dust and debris every few months. Water and mild soap can be used to remove light stains, but stay away from harsh chemicals and be sure to keep water from seams and edges.

Turnkey Solutions

We are first and foremost large format printers, but we offer turnkey solutions for our clients. Installation is included in our quotes and design can be added if requested.  All our vinyl wall murals are custom printed and priced based on square footage. In other words, you’ll be priced the same for polka dots and a full landscape scene, as long as the size is the same. We can digitally print and custom cut any size you need, and no project is too big!



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