Bar & Restaurant Pop-Ups

Bar & Restaurant Pop-Ups

Print Solutions for Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a relatively new phenomenon across both retail and food service settings. Business owners set up pop-ups as limited-time special event versions of their concept. Often, the event is to try a concept before investing in a storefront or as a smaller break-off with long lead times for marketing or a more sudden launch. 

While retail pop-ups give brands a chance to connect more intimately with customers using their products, bar and restaurant pop-ups are often extremely successful because they combine two ephemeral properties. First, the pop-up experience itself thrives on only being available for a matter of weeks or even days. Second, the very activity of social gatherings around food and drinks is often irresistible to friends, family, or romantic partners looking for a night out.

Bar and restaurant pop-ups are also exciting because they give business owners the opportunity to experiment with new concepts. Sometimes, food & drink recipes or service styles don’t match a restaurants existing aura, so a pop-up arises to test it out.

Advantages of Printed Graphics for Pop-Ups

Pop-ups offer a number of advantages that can be highlighted by good marketing:

  • Instant Gratification — You can get your customers something new much quicker than if they had to wait months (or even longer) for a new permanent location to be built out.
  • High ROI — The budget for a pop-up is whatever you can afford, whereas fixed costs at a permanent location are huge. Pop-ups can get a high concentration of business in a relatively short time period. That revenue allows you to expand your options or save up for a storefront.
  • Great Word-of-Mouth — A bar or restaurant pop-up that features inventive cuisine combined with memorable design elements gets people talking.
  • Camera-Ready — A pop-up is a chance for you to stage an environment worthy of social media sharing. SpeedPro can help you take your logos and designs to the next level with an amazing array of printing options.

Pop-Up Graphics in Greenville, SC

SpeedPro Greenville’s printing solutions cover the entire journey your customers go on as they experience your pop-up event. It all starts with the first impression — and that begins most often with your logo and signs.

While your signage carries much of your pop-up’s branding, it’s equally important to think of your guests’ table experience. Here you can consider many options for custom table toppers, menus or table covers.

Once you choose your method of branding – table toppers, throws, custom menu stickers, etc – it’s time to add design elements. Table throws come in many styles: stretch, fitted, regular and runner. You also might consider a fully printed table topper that features your menu, an interesting story about the business, related trivia, or anything else you can imagine.

Whatever your style needs, SpeedPro will work closely with you to craft the best pop-up experience for your patrons.

Some Products for Pop-Ups:

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