Healthcare Branding

Many healthcare facilities are leaving behind the stark and steril look of old-fashioned waiting rooms and exam rooms by investing in experiential graphics that bring comfort to those in the room. For instance, a doctor visit might scare a child, but if the room looks like a fairytale, the child might not be so frightened. SpeedPro has printed murals and MRI machine wraps for pediatric hospitals to help children feel more at ease. Our experience in producing wraps for healthcare branding will help bring your brand to life.

We specialize in representing businesses through high quality, large format print products. This includes graphics such as floor to ceiling wall murals, dimensional lettering, custom machine wraps, car wraps for transport vehicles, and more. We provide turnkey, timely and quality branding solutions so you can continue to focus on your healthcare duties.

Types of Large Format Healthcare Branding

Think of your patients being escorted through your facility, getting more and more anxious the further they go in. What are some ways to help ease their nerves? For starters, you can create a relaxed and inviting environment.

Branded wall murals are one of the best and most effective ways to change a room or hallway’s atmosphere. For intstance, a plain waiting room can transform into a tranquil forest scene or informative display. Vinyl door displays can also be used to make exam room entrances less intimidating. SpeedPro Greenville prints and installs custom designed murals that will wow your visitors. Our murals can cover most wall types without a problem.

Another great way to change your facility’s atmosphere is through dimensional lettering. You can use this lettering to showcase health quotes, give directions or display logos. While custom cut vinyl can do the same thing, dimensional letters add that extra element of dimension. You can choose from letters with a brushed aluminum finish or made from painted acrylic, among other options.

Turnkey Solutions

SpeedPro offers turnkey solutions including color sampling, site visits, production and install. We take care of getting measurements, proofing designs and coordinating installation. We can even help with design or provide templates for your design team. You can trust us to provide the best suggestions on how to make your brand come to life.

Your brand image is our priority. Our goal is to help you create a safe space for your visitors. We double check and proof everything back to you for final approval before we print. In the end, we deliver polished, high-quality work on time, every time.

Some Products for Healthcare Branding:

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