Trade Show Displays

Great. Big. Trade Show Displays.

When you go to a B2B or B2C trade show or other professional event, you get the opportunity to network, gather leads, expand your branding reach and even make sales. Custom trade show displays will help you accomplish all that with style as well as represent your brand in an eye-catching, professional manner. Create a lasting impression with any new or prospective clients who see your booth.

When you’re considering how to set up trade show displays, think about:

  • Venue: If you’re outdoors, flags and tents may be the right fit. Indoors, you may want to use banners, table coverings, booths, digital displays and signs. Also make sure to check for any venue regulations concerning you display.
  • Campaign Goals: Consider why you’re taking part in the event. If you want to make sales, point of purchase (POP) displays might be ideal. For a networking event, digital displays with a professional feel may help you communicate plenty of information. For branding, a brightly hued photo area with repeat banners will provide the ideal backdrop for photos.
  • Signage Size and Type: We have options ranging from 8 feet to 30 feet inline displays. Want something smaller? Tabletop displays may meet your needs. Want something bigger? Try a 20×20-foot island exhibit.

Custom Trade Show Booth Components

As you design your trade show booth, consider the various types of signage and graphics you can implement into the design:

Tents & Table Throws

At a trade show, the first thing a potential customer or lead will notice about your business is your tent or table. Our selection of tents ranges in all shapes and sizes, so try something unique. Make sure you stand out at the event.

Tabletop Displays

Maybe you’re just looking for something small to sit on your desk next to your sign up sheets and brochures. You can customize the size, style and material of your tabletop displays to perfectly adhere to your branding needs.

Repeat Banner:

Some events and shows encourage lots of picture taking, so why not have your very own branded backdrop? We can print your logo or any image of your choosing on a wide banner perfect for photos.

Banner Displays:

Banners are popular solutions for any type of trade show, indoor or outdoor. We can print your design on feather banners, hanging banners and pole banners for outdoor events, or standing banners, retractable banners and other banner displays for indoor events.

Floor Decals

Not everyone walks with their eyes glued to the ground, but most passersby will notice a floor decal, especially if it’s big or there are multiple decals. We print on self-adhesive, removable vinyl that will last for the few days of your show, and then you can pull it right up. Make sure to check with your venue before installing these.

Fabric Displays

Similar to banner displays, these displays consist of a fabric sleeve printed with your design and a collapsible frame. The fabric is wrinkle free once it’s stretched over the frame and is very easy to store and tote around.


InfoLnkX is touchless technology that delivers information to users, directly to the individual’s phone, simply by holding up the phone to a near field communication (NFC) chip that transmits information. Great way to provide more information or signup forms without lugging around extra papers.

Our trade show product selection is not limited to these items, so please contact us if you have other ideas or questions.

Trust SpeedPro Greenville for the Perfect Trade Show Displays

If you’re putting in the effort to attend an expo, premiere, pitch, presentation, conference, trade show, meeting or other professional event, arm yourself with the custom graphics, information, products and branding support you need to make an unforgettable first impression. Work with SpeedPro Greenville to develop professional, quality and attractive graphics and trade show materials that you’ll be proud to show off.

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