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InfoLnkX – Revolutionize Your Touchless Experience

AUGUST 24, 2020| SpeedPro Greenville

With the threat of spreading COVID germs pressing upon the world, restaurants shelved their handheld menus and replaced them with forms of touchless technology, namely QR codes.

But, the next leading technology in touchless tech is already upon us in the form of NFC chips.

You may have heard of them, as NFC (near field communication) chips are commonly used for Apple Pay and other forms of payment. Androids also commonly use NFC chips to share data between Android devices.

Now, with individual NFC chips, you can do so much more.

SpeedPro Greenville would like to introduce what we call InfoLnkX (Information Link Experience)Smart Signage: a marriage between the touchless technology of NFC chips and great, printed graphics to indicate what information is embedded in the chip. We’ve been looking into this technology for a while, but with the emergence of COVID we’ve seen the need to fast track the idea.

InfoLnkX – The Benefits

Our vision for these NFC chips is to pair them with customized graphics to give your customers a more well-rounded and engaged experience. We install the graphics and program the chips, you just sit back and relax as your customers enjoy the new touchless experience.

What is so great about InfoLnkX Smart Signage you ask?

  • Visually Pleasing – The NFC chips can be embedded in any size, shape and color graphic, from wall murals to menu decals.
  • Contactless – Once the graphic and chip are installed, just hover your phone 4-10cm from the chip to get access to the chip’s contents. Apple chip readers are at the top of the phone while Android readers are generally in the center.
  • Easily Programmed – All it takes to program an NFC chip is to get an NFC programming app and follow intuitive instructions to program the chip. And, chips can be programmed to link to a number of different options such as URLs, contact information, wi-fi and more. Multiple chips can be programmed in seconds.
  • Reprogrammable – NFC chips can be reprogrammed over and over. No more generating a new QR code every time you update your information. If you decide to totally change the info on the chip, just order new graphics and start reprogramming.
  • Safe – Once you’ve programmed the chip, you can lock the chip, so no one can change the code, or you can protect the chip’s code with a password.

One of the main differences between QR codes and NFC is the ability to reprogram one chip rather than constantly printing new QR codes. Static QR codes require reprinting whenever the information embedded in the QR’s code is changed.

The thing to remember though is that, while NFC is very easy and quick to use, not every phone is compatible with it.

Only certain Apple phones can read NFC, and some of those need an app to read. Only iPhone 7 and newer can read/write NFC chips. iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ and SE can pay with their chips, but can’t read or write them. However, most Android phones are NFC compatible.

InfoLnkX – Potential Uses

Numerous possibilities arise with a tech that can be reprogrammed many times over. Anywhere information is shared, these chips can be used. Customized graphics can indicate what information the chips hold as well as be eye catching.

InfoLnkX can also be added to existing text to give more information than is able to be printed or even exclusive content.


Handheld menus have disappeared from the food industry and the need for touchless menus has appeared. With InfoLnkX, you can take your customer’s touchless dining experience to a new level, and the signage tech saves you the hassle of reprinting every time you change the menu.

Simply install your chip and menu graphic on the center of the table and your customers can access your menu by just hovering over the graphic. These graphics and chips can also be used at bars to allow your customer access to your full list of drinks.


There are so many different ways for a hotel to use InfoLnkX technology. These are only a few:

  • Wi-Fi: InfoLnkX can be programmed to allow access to wi-fi. Instead of giving usernames and passwords, now you can install a small sticker with the embedded chip.
  • Map: Provide your customers with touchless maps of your expansive facility. Simply embed the chip in the printed map. No more taking pictures of the map – your customers can get it directly to your phone in seconds.
  • In-House Restaurant Menus: Say you have a restaurant in your hotel. Place a menu sticker in your elevator or next to the restaurant’s door and let your customers scroll through the menu on their way to eat.

Gallery experience NFC signage.

Museums/Art shows

InfoLnkX can take the place of printed artist statements or artifact descriptions. Or be a source of exclusive or additional content. Instead of crowding around a plaque, consumers can get all the information and more right on their phones.

Real Estate

Whenever a house is for sale, real estate agents put out signs with sheets of paper with the specs of the house. But what if the signs were equipped with InfoLnkX and all a prospective buyer needs to do is hover their phone over the chip to get the information. Think of how much information you could include. Besides, you wouldn’t have to keep refilling the paper every time the tray empties or it rains.

So, Basically

InfoLnkX signage is up and coming in today’s touchless world. The uses of this signage tech are endless, and so are the benefits.

As NFC is a relatively new technology, we’re sure you have questions. Call (864.288.3005) or email ( now for more information.

If you’re already familiar with NFC tech and would like to get started implementing the product with signage, contact us now for a quote.

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