What is Acrylic?

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Acrylic, also referred to as plexi, is a transparent plastic material. Its glass-like qualities make it a popular substrate for aesthetic wall displays and other signage.

Although plexi is similar to glass in transparency and brilliance, the substrate is half the weight of glass and is much more impact-resistant.  It is also easy to cut, glue, polish, etc. to get the finished result you love most. Plexi displays are popular for both indoor and outdoor applications. Acrylic products are often lightweight and durable, so they are perfect for setting-up outdoors and can resist the elements without cracking, fading or chipping, which sets them apart from glass.

Appearance-wise, plexi comes in varying translucencies and colors, and thicknesss range from inches to a fraction of an inch. Additionally, it can be produced in differing shapes and sizes, which makes it very easy to craft a creative display. The material goes well with backlights, spotlights, 3D lettering and many other additional visual accessories.

Acrylic often serves as a substrate for signs and panels. Many companies enjoy hanging acrylic signs off of a wall while others like to mount them on standoffs to secure them directly to a wall.

Some Uses Of Acrylic

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