What Is ACM?

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a rigid metal sheet fabricated from two sheets of pre-finished aluminum and bonded to a polyethylene core.

Durable and lightweight, ACM sheets are generally used for channel letter backings and outdoor signage. It is a flat, rigid material, lighter than aluminum, with excellent durability that can be routed, cut, or roll-formed.

ACM will lay flatter than traditional aluminum sheets and doesn’t suffer from the rippling effects of other metallic substrates. ACM is lighter and more cost-effective than a solid aluminum sheet fabricated in the same gauge.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) is the term for an ACM formed into a panel substrate. Generally, it’s used as economic and effective outdoor signage such as store-front signs, parking lot signage and plaques. ACPs are rigid with an inner resin layer sandwiched by aluminum.

When choosing material for your sign, consider whether the sign will be stationary or frequently moving. Lightweight durable signs are obviously a better choice for signage often transported. For a larger scale sign, a solid cut of ACM has the stability advantage and its heavier weight prevents it from blowing loose in high wind scenarios. ACM can also be crafted into dimensional forms such as letters and logos for interior use.

Some Uses Of ACM


Custom office indoor signage with metal lettering

1. Interior Dimensional Graphics

One variation of ACM is brushed aluminum (aluminum sheets with a brushed finish sandwiching the polyethylene core). These sheets are often routed into letters or logos for a clean, professional dimensional lettering set. The letters can then be stud or tape mounted to your wall by using a template to make sure everything is even.




Custom acrylic branded office sign wall mounted2. Backer for Acrylic Display

Using the same brushed aluminum material, you can create an intriguing combination of acrylic display and brushed aluminum finish. Layering the materials allows you to combine textures and finishes.




ahead start school signage3. Backer for Vinyl Graphic

A common use of ACM is to use it as a strong, rigid backer for an outdoor sign. ACM is very durable and one of the best substrates for continuous outdoor use.

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