Backlit fabric

Backlit fabric

What Is Backlit Fabric?

Backlit fabric graphics are created with a dye sublimated fabric and a LED lit frame. The LEDs will illuminate the art from behind and showcase the graphic being displayed. The LED lights last thousands of hours and require less power to illuminate than fluorescent or neon tubes.

Backlit fabric light boxes, signs, art displays, banners, kiosks and more backlit fabric products have been increasingly appearing in public over the past decade. Backlit fabric products are an environmentally friendly marketing choice because the production methods and the fabrics themselves create less waste than older backlit sign designs.

Placing a backlit display in your showroom or trade show exhibit is one of the best ways to make that display stand out from the crowd. It’s common sense that a bright light in a dim showroom will draw the eye. Combine this inherent quality with high-quality graphics and vibrant colors and the display is a sure success. Many backlit display models are collapsible, making them convenient to store until the next trade show. And, the versatility of backlit fabric products cannot be overstated. LED-backlit graphics are designed to be as interchangeable as you need.

Storefronts, trade shows, in-store displays, almost anywhere makes a good aesthetic design choice for SpeedPro backlit fabric products. You may as well ask, “where shouldn’t you display a backlit fabric product?” It is easy to see how much light and vitality a well-placed backlit sign or banner can add to nearly any location.

Some Uses Of Backlit Fabric

1. Lightboxes

Also known as backlit push-fit fabric displays, lightboxes hold tensed fabric across a frame with attached LED lighting. The graphic attaches to single- or double-sided channel bars at the edges of the frame and the frame is designed to be collapsible. The frame doesn’t require tools, making setup and take-down very simple. Push-fit displays are a versatile approach to backlighting that gives plenty of options.




2. Banner Stands & Tradeshow Displays

You can choose materials for indoors or outdoor fabric banners and can opt for illuminated fabric banner stands for impactful backlit displays to catch the eye of potential customers on the go.





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