What Is Fabric in Printing?

Fabric is a generic term used for the cloth material commonly made from yarn, cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads. It is formed from a continuous strand of textile fibers or filaments, both natural and synthetic, and is used to create clothing, accessories and office and home furnishings. While cotton may be the fabric of our lives, when it comes to printing, the two most used fabric applications are polyester and canvas.

No matter what kind of fabric you are working with or how you want to use it, the professionals at SpeedPro Greenville can work with you to print the signage, banners/flags and any imaginable item in between featuring high quality printed fabric.

Some Uses Of Fabric In Printing

(Unfortunately, we don’t offer clothing printing)

1. Feather Flags

This type of flag slides onto a long, vertical pole, creating an attractive feather shape. The design of feather flags lends itself well to marketing for several reasons.  First, the curved flagpole rotates easily, swiveling in all directions in the wind.  Secondly, the flag fabric is stretched taut, therefore no matter how hard the wind blows or in which direction the flagpole turns, your message will remain visible. Finally, as the fabric is often printed on both sides, the flag will be legible from both directions.




2. Fabric Displays

Depending on the type of trade show you’re attending, you might enjoy an easy-to-set-up fabric display. There are many types of fabric displays: pop-up bars featuring fabric that stretches between the legs of the mini bar to create an enclosed storage area under the counter-top; Silicon Edge Graphics Displays (SEGs) created with a fabric image and an LED lined frame; non-wrinkling “pillowcase” fabric displays that slide over the frame.




3. Canvas Prints

Canvas prints grant your images texture and an artistic finish. Some digitally printed canvases are gallery wrapped around the frame, meaning the edges are a continuation of the image. Canvas applications are great for decoration purposes.






City Pizza event tent4. Event Tents

Our versatile, transportable event tents bring your business’ brand to the forefront, helping you market yourself in an understated yet effective way. SpeedPro’s event tents aren’t just for show — they’re designed to be fully functional and provide shelter or shade. Our tents are custom printed through dye-sublimation and come pre-installed on aluminum frames. Backwalls and half walls are also available.

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