What is Foamcore in Large Format Printing?

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Foamcore is known by many names — ultraboard, foam board, paper-faced foam — and chances are, you’ve seen it before. “Ultraboard” is another brand name turned household word that we use to refer to foamcore.

Foamcore is made with a dense foam center pressed between two sheets of thick, matte paper. The core is a foam form of polystyrene, a common plastic also found in Styrofoam products. This plastic contains more than 95% air, making it extremely lightweight and portable. It stays rigid without the assistance of stands or hardware, but because it’s so light, it’s also relatively easy to damage. While the specific weight depends on the size and thickness you order, foam core boards are easy to lift, transport and move at a moment’s notice. This quality makes them perfect for trade shows or presentations.

Foamcore is great for any use that doesn’t involve regular handling or exposure to the elements. In most cases, people use them in indoor spaces. Great uses include decorative prints, meeting or event display boards, sales advertising or one of many other possibilities.

Depending on how you intend to use your foam core, there’s a wide variety of display options available. You can post it to a wall with adhesive or mounting supplies, frame it, lean it on an easel, hang it from the ceiling, stand it up on its own or try any other method you can think of.

Some Uses of Ultraboard:

Foam core boards are the perfect solution for signs that are temporary, periodically used, out of reach or decorative. If these qualifications fit your needs, purchasing and printing a foam board display will give you what you’re looking for along with many added advantages.

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