What is PVC in Large Format Printing?

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PVC, othewise known as polyvinyl chloride, is a material widely used to create various plastic products. For instance, some manufactureres use PVC to create pipes, cables, medical devices, etc. Large format printers use a board version of the popular material for signage and printing projects.

These boards are rigid, lightweight and weather resistant, great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Sign professionals typically order the material in sheets of 48″x 96″ with varying thicknesses and colors, then cut the boards down for individual projects. We can cut the boards into straight edged shapes or even custom cut a logo from the material.

You can often see menu boards, logo displays, a-frame inserts, retail signage and more crafted from this PVC boards. Often, we use a thinner version of pvc for hanging images or creating a-frame inserts. We use thicker boards for dimensional lettering or other custom displays.

Some Uses of PVC:

Foam core boards are the perfect solution for signs that are temporary, periodically used, out of reach or decorative. If these qualifications fit your needs, purchasing and printing a foam board display will give you what you’re looking for along with many added advantages.

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