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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

JUNE 22, 2020| SpeedPro Greenville



As we all know, COVID-19 hit the earth hard. Businesses shut down and life came to a stand-still as more and more people started contracting the virus and others quarantined to avoid getting it.

As we also know, many essential workers, especially healthcare workers, weren’t allowed to quarantine themselves – we needed them too much.

As they days and weeks passed and more and more people got sick, hospitals began to fill to the brim with coronavirus patients. Healthcare workers attended the sick around the clock.

Thank You Healthcare Workers

All around the world, people are thanking healthcare professionals in many different ways for their diligence in combating the virus and treating patients.

1. Clap for Healthcare Workers

These unsung heroes deserve our thanks and we should be shouting from the rooftops. Actually, thousands of people have.

At various times, cities all over the world have taken a couple minutes to stand outside their homes or open a window to send a round of applause to their healthcare workers. Some areas are still clapping.

For many weeks after the initial round of applause in NYC on March 27, individual neighborhoods continued to clap every day at 7pm.

2. Thank You Rallies

Late in March, an Instagram influencer rallied together a group to show the Greenville Memorial Hospital workers (in Greenville, SC) their support.

People came to the small rally with decorated cars and signs, sat in a rarely used parking lot and honked, flashed their car lights and cheered whenever a hospital worker left or came into their shift.

3. National Guard Flyover

On April 27, the South Carolina Air National Guard flew over hospitals throughout SC to honor the healthcare workers.

The six Swamp Fox 7-16 fighter jets were returning from a training mission and split into three sets of two. The sets covered different regions of SC to display national thanks to the healthcare workers.

How You Can Thank Healthcare Workers

While most people don’t have the necessary resources to fly over a hospital, we do have the ability to show our thanks in other ways. We can join the claps that are still happening or start a rally of our own.

If, however, you’re back to regular work hours and don’t have the time or resources to start a rally or the claps aren’t happening in your area, you can still show your appreciation for healthcare workers with something as simple as a yard sign.

We have many different options of thank you signage available: banners, outdoor signage, indoor signage, you name it. You can show your appreciation with a customized banner outside your business or with sandwich board signs on your sidewalk.

With your custom “thank you” designs you can thank your healthcare workers in a way unique to you. Contact us today and we’ll get started on helping you express your gratitude.

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