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Think about the last time you approached a brick and mortar store — chances are, the outdoor signage was the first item you noticed, whether it was bright and flashy with unique fonts, simply sophisticated or a bit drab and dingy. An outdoor sign is the first thing potential customers will look for when they’re discovering your business as well.

At SpeedPro Greenville, we can create a wide variety of distinct custom outdoor signs. Our studios utilize the most cutting-edge design and production equipment and materials, including metal, acrylic, PVC, sign foam and wood.

What It Takes to Create Custom Outdoor Signs

Regardless of the type of business you own and where it’s located, your outdoor signage is a vital fixture for guiding clients to your location. With SpeedPro as your trusted custom outdoor sign company, you can expect our team to handle everything. We provide:

Custom design services

Using your initial drawings and images as inspiration, we’ll use custom text, finishes and symbols to design a truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind outdoor sign.

Site inspections

To ensure every finishing touch you choose can be utilized in the final design, our team will visit your site to evaluate the environment, taking into consideration the landscaping, terrain, street access and other details that can complicate the design and installation process.

Permit applications

All permanent, structural outdoor sign designs must be approved by your local municipality — community regulations will determine your sign’s mounting, scale and final placement.

Professional installations

Once your outdoor sign is manufactured according to your exact specifications, our team of experienced, skilled installation experts will complete installations. We’ll determine which tools and techniques are appropriate for your specific sign, including digging equipment, heavy tools, welding equipment and NEC-compliant electrical wiring.

Outdoor Signage Ideas & Inspiration

SpeedPro Greenville specializes in advanced full-color printing, custom fonts and finishes and professional mounting and installation for a diverse selection of products that are tailored to your specific business, including:

  • Brick and mortar: Almost every shopping center has a list of resident shops at a main entryway. These brick and mortar signs are usually simple to remove or replace with a brand new piece of aluminum or other hard backed signage. Of course, after we install your business information on it.
  • Box light: These signs range in size but are cost effective if you’re renting out a location or frequently changing the display. These signs require the box light fixtures, but the face only needs vinyl decals to identify your business.
  • Channel letters: A channel letter sign consists of individual letters that are individually constructed and installed to create a specific signage look. These letters are typically 3D and often illuminated themselves or backlit.
  • Backlit vs front lit: You’ve no doubt seen an example of both of these. A front lit sign illuminates the sign itself so you are able to see all colors, designs and letters. Backlighting on a sign produces a halo effect at night and cancels out any color or texture. Some signs are constructed with both front and back lighting, keeping the colors and design of the sign while also adding a halo.
  • Projecting: For the busy downtown streets, your business may need a projecting sign, as well as a normal storefront sign above the door. Projecting signs allow potential customers to locate your shop from a distance
  • And more!

If you’d like more information on the construction of these signs or our different sign capabilities, please reach out and leave us some information in the sidebar so we can get in touch!

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