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Remodel With Style

JUNE 26, 2020| SpeedPro Greenville

In this season of COVID, many businesses temporarily closed their doors. Although some struggled with financials, others were able to take this time of closed doors to remodel their interior space. Now is a great time to remodel your dining area or office space or reception area.

Why Now?

A time of limited capacity is perfect for remodeling – you don’t have to worry as much about the room being too crowded or too loud.

Similarly, you want your customers to come back and say “Wow!” You can advertise your new and improved space and draw in the curious onlookers when you’re finished.

The real question is what will you remodel? Well, more like what is your budget able to remodel?

Maybe you just want to replace some old graphics. Maybe it’s time to switch out the pictures on your walls. Maybe you want to change the whole scene and add a new wall mural or finished glass.

There’s so much you can do to revitalize the interior of your building. At the bottom of the page are some ideas.

Glass Finishes

Whether you have glass walled conference rooms or a couple of acrylic sneeze guards, you probably have some unadorned glass in your workplace. There are so many options for your glass.

1. Frosted and Satin Finishes

Have you every walked by a conference room and wondered what’s going on in there because all you can see are fuzzy blurs? Those blurs are blurs because of the frosted or satin finish applied to the glass.

The main difference between frost and satin finishes is the look of the glass.

  • Frosted glass – matte texture and appearance
  • Satin glass – looks smooth and silky and is typically shinier than frosted glass.

Go ahead and get creative with your designs. You can install a full-length design, partially cover your glass or even etch some graphics on smaller glass panels.

2. Glass Tints

Tinted glass is often used for exterior glass and can protect against ultra-violet damages and reduce air transference. It might help with the sun glare hitting you in the eyes every morning.

Tinted glass can also bring color into the office. You can spruce up your office or outdoor dining space with tinted conference room glass and even tinted glass tables.

3. Window Graphics

You see them all the time. They’re the company names on front doors, social distancing stickers on acrylic sneeze guards, inspirational quotes on office glass, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The graphics can range from large-scale murals or small-scale occupancy numbers. Your window graphics are printed with a variety of options:

  • Vinyl life: permanent, temporary or extra durable vinyl
  • Vinyl transparency: one-way or clear

Contact us at 864.383.0238 for a quote on your glass needs.

Now, enough about glass.

Interior Design Graphics

In addition to reworking your glass, you can rework your walls. Why not change the scenery a little?

1. Wall Murals

Imagine your favorite place. Now open your eyes and see it on the wall!

That’s exactly what you’ll do after we’ve installed your custom designed wall mural. Transform your windowless office space into a balcony or spruce up your waiting room with a serene forest.

And you don’t have to stop with nature. Any design can be printed and installed on you wall. Abstract shapes and colors can add vibrancy to a room that once had a plain wall.

2. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics sound similar to wall murals, but there is a difference. Wall murals typically cover an entire wall and have many interwoven design elements. Wall graphics tend to be smaller and are centered around one shape or design.

There are so many options:

  • Lettering: Write up some text to display on your wall. The letters can be individual or connected.
  • Graphics: Graphics can be printed on a vinyl directly transferable to your wall – logos, abstract designs and more.
  • Images: We can print your images and, if you don’t want them directly on your wall, we will mount the image on a thin board.

Think about an inspirational quote or even a humorous one. That could be printed and installed on a wall to keep you, your employees and your customers inspired and happy.

3. Floor Graphics

Everyone sees what they’re walking on. Or at least they do after they’ve tripped on something. Think about all that marketing real estate that essentially comes with the building.

You could add a logo to your floor. Maybe a large customized graphic. Maybe your most recent sales pitch. Either way, don’t waste that prime real estate.

Your floor graphics would be printed with long-lasting adhesive and a textured finish which avoids slippage. You don’t want to be the cause of your customer falling.

So Basically…

Remodeling will take time and effort and money, but the results will be majorly satisfying. The change of scenery, without actually changing scenes, may improve productivity.

Spice it up. Add something new.

If you’d like to get started on your interior makeover, call us now at 864.383.0238 for a quote or get some ideas from our portfolio. We’ll send someone over to measure if you don’t already have measurements and in-house designer will work with you to create the best interior design shift your business has seen.

Remodel Ideas For Your Space

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