What is Laminate/Lamination?

Laminate is a film coating applied on top of media, and lamination is the process of bonding this film onto printed material. SpeedPro Greenville uses a cold lamination film process and we have many types of laminate finishes to choose from. These include matte, high gloss and satin laminates. We can recommend certain finishes depending on the specifications of the project or application, but the decision is ultimately yours. Lamination is included in your quote automatically.

Benefits of Laminate:

All sign materials benefit from the preserving qualities of lamination. The primary use of lamination is to protect the graphic from wear, tear, weathering and UV rays. We especially recommend using laminate on products that are in high trafficked areas or are permanently outside or exposed to the elements such as directional signs, door wraps, decals, floor decals, outdoor wall murals and exterior window graphics.

Some Types of Laminate:

The traditional laminates include matte, gloss and satin finishes. Gloss is optimal for outdoor uses such as vehicle wraps or outdoor signs. Matte is great for indoor use as lights don’t hot spots on the image like they would on a gloss laminate. Satin is the in-between of the two and is usually only used on request.

Additional types of lamination available include dry erase laminates, that turn any sign into a dry erase board which is great for restaurant menu boards, interactive business presentations and event leaderboards. In urban areas, we recommend our anti-graffiti laminates that provide excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents. If your signs have been targeted by vandals, consider a coat of anti-graffiti laminate to allow for easy removal of graffiti. Anti-skid lamination is highly recommended for any graphics or decals on floors to be sure to protect your customers from slips and falls. 

No matter what size sign you require, SpeedPro helps you create weather-resistant, eye-catching outdoor signage that is tough enough to provide vivid imaging for years to come. From blistering sun, to pelting rain, to frigid ice and snow, lamination helps extend the lifespan of door decals and keeps them looking their best through every season of inclement weather.

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