Full box truck wrap showcasing Elite CSI's green and black colors as well as company information.

Vehicle Wraps

APRIL 25, 2018| SpeedPro Greenville


Vehicle Wrap

Why Should I Wrap My Vehicle?

Are you looking to expand your business as you travel outside the office? Maybe you want to grow your client base by advertising to more people or reaching out to a different prospective location. Whatever your goals, SpeedPro Greenville has you covered!

Vehicle advertising is the perfect “hands-off” approach to promoting your business. The money spent on advertising is much less than what you can expect to receive in the return-on-investment. This balance allows vehicle advertising to be both efficient and effective.

If you’re thinking about using your car or truck for your company, call or stop by SpeedPro Greenville! We specialize in vehicle wraps for all customization and brand needs. Our studio proudly serves all businesses and organizations in the upstate area of South Carolina.

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Partial and Full Vehicle Wrap Options

All of our custom vehicle wraps are made to capture attention and provide clear information about your business. You’ll have the ability to choose how much coverage and how bold of a statement you’d like to make with your vehicle too. At SpeedPro, we offer the following wrap services:

  • Full vehicle wrap
  • Partial vehicle wrap
  • Spot graphics

A full wrap involves covering your entire vehicle with a promotional graphic. The hood, sides, windows and roof will all carry the same design, allowing everyone from every angle to see your message. This method gives your brand full visibility with the highest chance for making a statement on the road.

If you want to effectively advertise your business but prefer not to cover your entire car, you’ll be happy to know that we offer the option for partial wraps as well. These wraps will still carry a consistent and uniform look but will not be as intense a sight on the road.
Wraps are not your only option for vehicle advertising, either!

Our spot graphics can be used to emphasize features of your business but placed to cover smaller portions of your car. Maybe you want to display only your company’s name, address and slogan or logo. You wouldn’t need an entire wrap around your car for that purpose. Instead, we can customize a graphic to place on the door or window of your vehicle.

These wrap graphics are perfect visual solutions for a business who might rebrand and redesign often. We use a variety of materials for our graphics, allowing for a range of graphic longevity. Some of our decals or stickers are temporary and will stick for a few months’ time. Other materials, such as our vinyl, will stick to your vehicle for up to seven years! Our graphics are truly customizable to your needs.

Consult With Our Car Wrap Experts in Greenville

How do you know which option is best for you? When you start a project with SpeedPro Greenville, we’ll set up a date and time that works for you for a personal consultation. Our team collaborates directly with you during every step of the process, making sure we stay true to your brand and visually bring it to life.

Contact us today to get started on your new vehicle wrap. Our studio in Greenville looks forward to building a new partnership with you and your business!

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