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Wall Murals

APRIL 25, 2018| SpeedPro Greenville



Wall Murals in Greenville

We all know how important it is to fill up a big space. Even if you’re attempting a minimalist approach to style, leaving a room or wall completely blank will just make it look empty and dead. Whether you’re going for color or size, you need something to catch the eye.
At SpeedPro, we specialize in customizing and producing large format prints. Some of our biggest projects are our wall murals for businesses. No matter if you need one small mural or multiple large vinyls to cover a tall and wide wall, we have you covered. Our direct consultations will allow us to talk about your brand needs and how you want the final design to look.
SpeedPro Greenville is located in the heart of Greenville, SC. If your business or organization is looking for a redesign or quick addition to the office, let us know! We’d love to start a new partnership with your company.

Why Choose a Wall Mural?

Wall murals can become the centerpiece of your entire office space.

With their large frame, vivid colors and often bold statement or presence, murals draw the eye of every person walking by.

Whether hung or mounted, they’re able to promote your businesses by identifying and representing your brand in a dramatic way.
We’ve all encountered many examples of wall murals empowering businesses and organizations. Think about your local doctor’s office. Many medical offices will have murals of serene locations such as beaches or lakes and often have light, almost pastel-colored paintings of flowers or ambiguous shapes.
While you might associate a doctor’s office visit with shots and medicines, that’s not the brand they’re going for. They want to offer and promote their calming atmosphere. Visits should be routine but not a pain — a place that a client would want to come back to, not run away from. If their brand is to hold a welcoming and calm environment, it makes sense that their printed wall murals reflect calming and soothing scenes.
With our one-on-one consultation with you, we’ll be able to help you identify your brand. Maybe you do want to visually promote your offered services. We can customize murals to show off featured products or outline a popular offer or statistic — whatever best represents your business.

Our Vinyl Wall Mural Process

SpeedPro Greenville is dedicated to creating the perfect wall mural for your business. When we sit down for our consultation, our team will assist you through the entire process. Everything we do gets matched to your branding needs and qualifications.
Our vinyl wall murals are made to be durable and long-lasting. This combination not only ensures that your mural will withstand time and not continually need adhesive reapplied or replaced, but it also means your mural will not easily fade. Our printing technology produces bold and vivid colors, enhancing your visual solution to its fullest eye-catching potential.
We can even assist you in deciding between different characteristics that our murals offer. They can come in paper, smooth or textured. You may choose a textured mural if you don’t want fingerprints or smudging to get in the way of an aesthetic look within the office space. Murals can also be set with a paper, matte or satin finish, which will determine the amount of shine they’ll have in a well-lit office.

Contact SpeedPro Greenville

If you have questions, that’s great! Our team is 100 percent ready and willing to help you in this design process. We’re committed to becoming partners and getting involved with new projects. If you live in the greater South Carolina area, call our studio today! We’ll make sure to craft the perfect visual solution for you.

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