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DECEMBER 4, 2018| SpeedPro Imaging Harrisburg

This is where environmental graphics come in. Environmental graphics go by several names. They’re sometimes called supergraphics, experiential graphic design or shortened to EGD for environmental graphic design. Whatever you call it, environmental graphics are displays that enhance the environment where they appear. They can take the form of signage, banners, wall murals, elevator wraps, window graphics and more and can appear on doors, windows, walls, floors or ceilings. They can be flat, such as floor graphics, or three-dimensional, such as acrylic graphics. Whatever form they take, environmental graphics have some important benefits.

EGD is a rising trend in the corporate world. It started primarily with cutting-edge technology companies, but today, companies of all kinds are embracing the trend. Far from a passing fad, this movement has resulted from an increased understanding of the significant impact the aesthetic aspect of environments has on people. Let’s look at seven important reasons to add environmental graphics to your business.


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